People Confess Their Single Biggest Regret In Life

For most people, it's difficult to honestly say there are no regrets in life. Everyone has something in their past they wish they did differently - maybe it's asking that girl or guy out for a date, or spending another moment working on that project, and it can even be something like, "I wish I treated him better." Whatever a person's regrets in life, odds are, they aren't entirely unique. We all experience the same sort of life events, which is why it's interesting to hear other people's stories about their single biggest regrets in life and compare them to our own.

Thanks to sites like Reddit, people from all over the world have shared their stories expressing their greatest regrets in life. These are some of the best examples of this kind of story, so have a look and see if someone shares one of your own regrets, but be warned, many of these stories are sad, and could elicit similar feelings. If you're feeling sad about your own regrets in life, please reach out and get help. You don't have to go through it alone.