Anime Underground The 15 Biggest Anime Plot Holes You Just Couldn't Ignore  

Anna Lindwasser
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Anime often features intricately woven stories filled with character detail and backstory. The complexities of these shows make it hard to forgive anime plot holes, which feel like glaring snags in delicately detailed stories. On rare occasions, series can be incredible enough to overlook any plot holes, but most of the time no misstep is excusable. 

While it's sometimes painful to notice continuity errors and loose ends, it's also nice to know you're not the only one who had questions about why Mitsuha and Taki didn't ever see anything with a date on it in Your Name, or why there were no consequences after the moon was destroyed in Assassination Classroom

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No One Raised Naruto In 'Naruto'

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If a child's body houses a volatile monster capable of destroying villages - and almost did with one - wouldn't it make sense to take extra special care of that child? If the child has a named, living godfather, wouldn't it make sense for him to have guardians?

Apparently not! Inexplicably, Naruto grows up in total isolation. Jiraiya acts like his promise to Minato and Kushina didn't exist, and the government sets baby Naruto up in an apartment. The secret service occasionally checks in on him, which is deemed enough supervision for a potentially deadly child.

This kind of extreme isolation would cause more than just sadness - it would severely damage Naruto's development. It is developmentally impossible for a child to grow up in complete isolation and turn out as socially cognizant as Naruto. 

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Everyone Is Fine After Korosensei Destroys 75% Of The Moon In 'Assassination Classroom'

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In Assassination Classroom, a massive monster resembling an octopus destroys the moon, which many view as a sign of impending doom for Earth. But the world would have bigger issues than dealing with Korosensei's promise to destroy the planet. 

If something obliterated 75% of the moon, chances are good all that loose Moon mass would find its way to Earth in a fiery manner.

Even if all the pieces remained in space, the orbiting chunks, especially larger ones, would cause massive tsunamis and life-altering shifts in our day/night cycle and tides. Thousands of species would go extinct, eradicating major food sources and putting a giant kink in nearly every ecological food chain. 

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How Did Mitsuha And Taki Not Notice Dates In 'Your Name'?

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Mitsuha and Taki spend a large chunk of Your Name switching bodies, trying to maintain each other's lives until they get back to their own. Audiences later discover Mitsuha's timeline takes place three years before Taki's; Mitsuha died when a meteor struck her town. 

While this is an inventive premise, it falls apart when you realize there's no way Mitsuha and Taki could possibly have gone all that time without realizing they were in the wrong year. 

Both of them had cell phones that display the date. Both had access to the internet and TV. They both attended school, and there is no way they didn't have to write the date on at least one assignment or see it on the board.

Taki had a job, which means he had to deal with a schedule and most likely received paychecks on a biweekly basis. There's absolutely no way this glaring detail escaped both of them.

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No One Cares About The Missing Kids In 'Yu-Gi-Oh! GX'

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Yu-Gi-Oh! is known for its plot holes (often an indirect consequence of dubbing), but this particular one is egregious. In Yu-Gi-Oh! GXa large group of high school students goes missing with no explanation. Among them is Fubuki Tenjōin, known in the dub as Atticus Rhodes. Even though her brother is still actively missing, Fubuki's younger sister Asuka (Alexis) begins attending school.

Why on Earth would the Tenjōins send their remaining child to the school that lost their son? It could make sense if Asuka were there to find Fubuki, but she's just there to learn stuff.

Also, why is this whole missing kids thing new to all the students, including Shou (Syrus), whose brother was close friends with Fubuki? Expecting logic from Yu-Gi-Oh! is like expecting it to snow in the dead of summer, but this is especially confusing. 

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