30 Of History's Biggest Badasses

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Vote up the badasses - historical figures from before 1960 - who made history worth learning about.

When you think of the biggest badasses in history, who comes to mind? Rambo, Stone-cold Steve Austin, maybe even the self-proclaimed "American Badass," Kid Rock? Well, if any of those characters fit your criteria for badassery, you went a little wide of the mark. Throughout history, many men and women exemplified what it truly means to be badass without the assistance of big-budget filming and expensive PR campaigns. When was the last time you saw James Bond or Lara Croft emerge from the countryside, aged 19, to prevent France from becoming England? You didn't, because that was Joan of Arc, the first figure taught in Historical Badasses 101.

A badass is defined as a "tough, uncompromising or intimidating person" and many historical figures - including world leaders, medieval warriors, and military men - fit that bill. In fact, being a badass is how many of them made history. Many of these tough guys have been called the toughest man (or woman!) in the world, and the most feared names in history. Many of these strong leaders even have the most badass names - or their names became cool after their impressive deeds. Who do you think will wind up the top ten badasses?

Compiled here is a list of historical figures who took toughness and intimidation to the next level. During times when everything was much more dangerous (including people), the most badass people in history rose above it all by simply being even more dangerous. Vlad the Impaler didn't inspire Dracula with his mercy, that's for sure. Now, who do you think is the most badass guy ever? Vote up the toughest humans ever below. 


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