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11 Times Bethesda F*cked Up And Shot Themselves In The Foot

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While every company has its missteps, most of these fumbles are usually harmless and easily overlooked by the public. But on rare occasions, a corporate juggernaut will screw up in a big way - take United Airlines, for example. Messes that are big enough will destabilize entire chunks of an industry.

Bethesda Game Studios is one such company that's had a rocky track record, doing everything from monetizing mods to running one of the best stealth gamesDishonored, right into the ground. This list serves to show that the industry giant behind titles like Skyrim and Fallout 3 might not be as perfect as you think. Compiled here are the times Bethesda seriously dropped the ball - vote up the worst blunders. 

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    Bethesda's Anti-Review Policy

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    Starting with Doom in 2016, Bethesda had the brilliant idea to stop the press from reviewing their games in advance. They provide journalists with "review" copies less than 24 hours before a game is set to launch.

    While Doom turned out to be a critical and commercial success, Bethesda took the cautious tolerance that game had earned their new policy and burnt it to the ground with Dishonored 2's disastrous launch, prompting a negative impact on Prey (2017) sales as a result. Will the policy affect Bethesda's future releases as well? Definitely. Do they deserve it? Indubitably.

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    Fallout 4: A Missed Opportunity Of A Sequel

    A game of missed chances and nothing more, Fallout 4 was an instance of derivative sequel-pumping in lieu of what could've been a truly impressive installment in the beloved franchise. Riffing heavily off Fallout 3, the sequel did little to innovate or build upon its predecessor in any meaningful way, despite its lengthy development cycle and massive budget. This was an opportunity for Bethesda to push boundaries - an opportunity they firmly rejected.

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    Quake Champions: The Wrong Kind Of Reboot

    This whole game is a mistake from the ground up. It feels less like the original Quake titles and more like a bad mod of Doom 2016's multiplayer mode - which is probably due to the fact that Quake Champions uses so many of Doom's assets. The physics are off, the guns have no impact, and characters feel like they're ice-skating rather than speed jogging. The whole thing's an active dumpster fire that should have been canned before it was released. If nothing else, at least it'll serve as the perfect case study in corporate resource misallocation. 

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    Everything To Do With Prey Besides The Actual Game

    While Prey's 2017 reboot turned out to be a pretty well-received game, the atmosphere surrounding it was dreadful. There was public uproar over Bethesda's shady review policy, tacky pre-order campaign, complete and utter lack of marketing before the launch, and a particularly petty lawsuit the company waged against an indie developer whose game contained the word "prey" in the title. That game now has to spell its title Praey for the Gods because of Bethesda. Crikey. 

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