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The Most Wonderful & Biggest Frogs In The World

Updated July 29, 2019 1.2k views10 items

Most of the time, when people picture frogs, they are thinking of small hoppers you can easily hold in your hand. Sure, there are plenty of little frogs like tree frogs and even the famed poison dart frog is rather tiny, but the animal kingdom is full of variations and not all frogs are small. There exist many types of frogs (and some toads) that are exceptionally huge and many might be called giant!

Big frogs and toads aren't just fat versions of smaller critters, there are some frogs like the African Bullfrog or the Goliath frog you might mistake for a cat in the wrong light. The largest frog species are legitimately that big. Forget about holding some of these heavy hoppers in your hand, you'll need a double-handed grip to hold on to the biggest pals on this list.  Arranged from the smaller big frogs on up to the largest, this list highlights the largest of all the frogs with the very biggest bouncing much higher than you ever thought possible.

  • Giant Banjo Frog

    Size: 3.5 Inches

    The Giant Banjo Frog is native to Australia where it exists as the largest in Victoria, though it kicks off this list as the smallest "large" frog. They are well known for their powerful legs and ability to burrow. Its habitat is largely restricted to the floodplains of the Murray River, which keep its populations somewhat limited.

    Due to their ability to burrow, they spend much of their lives underground, surfacing only to breed when the rains leave suitable moisture on the ground for their eggs and tadpoles to flourish.


    • Scientific Name: Limnodynastes interioris
  • Giant Tree Frog

    Size: 5.5 Inches

    The Giant Tree Frog, otherwise known as the White-Lipped Tree Frog can be found in the coastal areas of Australia through to New Guinea, Indonesia, and many other places making it the most widely distributed tree frog in the region. It is also the largest known Tree Frog on the planet and is known for being loud when distressed. It "mews" like a cat and can emit a loud barking call.

    Like other species of frogs, they can live a fairly long period of time in the wild with an average lifespan reaching 10 years. The largest known samples can grow to approximately 5.5" in length with the males coming in just slightly larger than the females.

    • Scientific Name: Litoria infrafrenata
  • Giant River Frog

    Size: 6.8 Inches

    The Giant River Frog is a species found primarily in Borneo where it lives along the forest floor near streams. they are also found throughout parts of Indonesia and Malaysia. The males of the species grow up to 6.8" in length with the females coming in at roughly 2/3 the size. They are commonly harvested by the locals for food.

    At the moment, they are not listed as threatened and are classified as of Least Concern, but habitat loss and their relatively small clutch size suggest that if deforestation continues in their area, their populations will become threatened.

    • Scientific Name: Limnonectes leporinus
  • Indian Bullfrog

    Photo: YouTube

    Size: 6.9 inches

    The Indian Bullfrog ranges across Asia with populations existing in Myanmar, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Nepal. It has become an invasive species in other parts of the world after introduction to Madagascar and the Andaman Islands where it has disrupted the local species and brought chaos. They are primarily nocturnal and prefer freshwater, though they don't remain the water for too long.

    They can reach an average length of approximately 6.5" and are commonly used as a food source. Their legs are said to be particularly tasty in numerous dishes, though China has outlawed their export to several countries on the continent.

    • Scientific Name: Hoplobatrachus tigerinus