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15 Of The Biggest Characters In Comic Books, Ranked From Smallest To Largest

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There are some pretty frickin' huge comic book characters. Some are the size of planets, some are bigger than planets, and some are planets! Sometimes they're so big that their dimensions aren't even measurable (or so DC might suggest given the woeful lack of information on most of their giants).

Regardless, there's a surplus of enormous characters in comic books. Bulging biceps tell tales of destruction and overcompensation. These monsters ruin fools, in some cases driven to do so by daddy issues (*cough* Juggernaut *cough*). Most of these behemoths are baddies, but there’s a hero or two sprinkled in there. There are even some women… kinda. One thing’s true of all of them, though: they’re forces to be reckoned with. And Juggernaut’s not the only one with issues. So let’s break down the biggest comic book characters, starting with the smallest of these giants.

  • Juggernaut is a 9’5”, 1,900-pound ginger. Yeesh! Cain Marko wasn’t always so big, though. Along with his stepbrother Charles Xavier (yeah, that Charles Xavier), Cain discovered the lost temple of Cyttorak and the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak, which transformed him into the Juggernaut. Juggernaut first appeared in X-Men #12 (1965), ever in opposition to Charles, who alone possessed the love of Marko's father.


    • Juggernaut’s momentum cannot be stopped and he’s able to destroy everything in his path.
    • He was able to bully Charles as a kid because he was still a big boy despite being pre-mystically enhanced.


    • He can't stop his own momentum even if he wants to.
    • He’s frequently accused of steroid use.

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  • Photo: Metaweb (FB) / Fair use

    Though his size is variable, Galactus’s dimensions in his base form are 28’9” tall and 18.2 tons. He’s like a puppy! First introduced in Fantastic Four #48 (1966), Galactus has a fascinating background, which actually predates the Big Bang. Also, he’s a dick.


    • His physical strength is immeasurable, though he usually foregoes physical combat for psionic or energy-based attacks.
    • No matter where he is on Earth, he’s only like 20 steps from a Starbucks.


    • Due to his immense size and power, he must frequently consume planets capable of sustaining life.
    • It’s far too easy to see up his skirt.

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    Anti-Monitor Is About The Size Of Galactus

    Photo: DC Comics

    Anti-Monitor is DC’s answer to Galactus and as such is just slightly larger, but also varies drastically in size. He was first introduced in DC’s Crisis on Infinite Earths #2 (1985). Anti-Monitor is the brother and counterpart of Monitor, who, in a sense, oversees the known universe, whereas Anti-Monitor oversaw the antimatter universe until a tear in the universal fabric allowed him to come to this universe, sparking the crisis on infinite Earths.


    • He can consume whole universes and absorb their energy.
    • His six-pack looks epic.


    • His hunger is limitless.
    • He can be punched by a lot of guys simultaneously.
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    Grogg The Dragon Is Probably The Smallest Earthly Monster

    Grogg is an immortal dragon that was awoken and pissed off by some Russians and subsequently went on a rampage. His exact size is unknown, but he was able to fit on a rocket bound for Mars, so he can only be so big. He was first introduced in Strange Tales #83 (1961).  He fought the Fantastic Four but also assisted S.H.I.E.L.D. at one point.


    • Super strength.
    • He could act as a transport vehicle for S.H.I.E.L.D. agents.


    • Apparently not too large to be lured onto a rocket and sent to Mars.