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15 Of The Biggest Characters In Comic Books, Ranked From Smallest To Largest

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There are some pretty frickin' huge comic book characters. Some are the size of planets, some are bigger than planets, and some are planets! Sometimes they're so big that their dimensions aren't even measurable (or so DC might suggest given the woeful lack of information on most of their giants).

Regardless, there's a surplus of enormous characters in comic books. Bulging biceps tell tales of destruction and overcompensation. These monsters ruin fools, in some cases driven to do so by daddy issues (*cough* Juggernaut *cough*). Most of these behemoths are baddies, but there’s a hero or two sprinkled in there. There are even some women… kinda. One thing’s true of all of them, though: they’re forces to be reckoned with. And Juggernaut’s not the only one with issues. So let’s break down the biggest comic book characters, starting with the smallest of these giants.

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    OG Doomsday Is Smaller Than Depicted In "Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice" At 8'10", 900 lbs.

    OG Doomsday Is Smaller Than Depicted In "Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice" At 8'10", 900 lbs.
    Photo: DC Comics

    The original iteration of Doomsday, when he first appeared in Superman: Man of Steel #17 (1992), was a measly 7 feet tall and 615 lbs. A later version of him was 8’10” and over 900 lbs., smaller still than he was in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Doomsday is famed for bringing about the death of Superman.


    • Obviously big and tough enough to (kinda) kill Superman.
    • He was able to take on the whole Justice League at once.


    • Obviously not big and tough enough to avoid being (kinda) killed by Superman.
    • He's too big for his shorts.
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    Onslaught's Pretty Big For A Personified Mental State At 10', 900 lbs.

    Onslaught is the manifestation of Magneto’s dark ego mixing with Charles Xavier’s suppressed urges, which is why self-gratification is very important, kids. Despite being the amalgamation of two immaterial forces, Onslaught is a whopping 10 feet tall and 900 lbs. Even though he's taller than some of the others, his comparatively light weight puts him near the bottom of this list. He makes his first substantial appearance in X-Men #53 (1996); before that, he’s just mentioned or lurking the shadows.


    • He can enhance his physical strength and size.
    • He already possesses the abilities of Magneto and Professor X, so size is just an added bonus.


    • He’s still not quite big enough to pull off those shoulder pads.
    • His head looks disproportionately small.
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    The Incredible Hulk's Size Is Relatively Credible At 8', 1,400 lbs.

    Hulk maxes out at 8 feet tall and around 1,400 lbs., slightly larger than Red Hulk who was only 7 feet tall and doesn’t deserve his own section. And sure, Hulk's shorter than Onslaught, but weighs a lot more, so he gets bragging rights. Hulk first appeared in Incredible Hulk #1 (1962).  Hulk was much larger in Ang Lee’s 2003 debacle, but that shall never be mentioned henceforth.


    • He can slam puny gods into the ground repeatedly with ease.
    • He piqued Black Widow’s interest.


    • Lacking restraint, he messes up a lot of sh*t.
    • His clothing budget is through the roof.
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    Darkseid Isn't Just A Facsimile Of Thanos At 8'9", 1,815 lbs.

    Darkseid Isn't Just A Facsimile Of Thanos At 8'9", 1,815 lbs.
    Photo: DC Comics

    Darkseid, AKA Uxas, is DC’s version of Thanos, who is only 6’7” and thus does not cut it for this list. Darkseid—an alien being of immense power standing 8’9” tall, and weighing in at 1,815 lbs.—is the ruler of the planet Apokolips. He first appeared in Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #134 (1970), and is perhaps the greatest foe of the Justice League.


    • His super strength is far greater than his stature, meaning his punches pack some serious… punch.
    • Even more than Doomsday, he can hold his own against the entire Justice League.


    • In his original design, he wears a speedo, revealing that some parts of his anatomy are not proportionate to his size.
    • He hits his head on most doorways.