Celebs Who Definitely Couldn't Handle The Heat On 'Hot Ones'

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Vote up the disappointing guests who threw in the towel way too early.

On the hit YouTube show Hot Ones, host Sean Evans puts celebrities to the test by making them ingest the hottest of sauces — while at the same time trying to plug their latest project. Some celebrities, like Halle Berry, acted like a true champion while downing all 10 wings, but this list wasn't created to celebrate those who did well on the show. Nope, we're here to rank the best Hot Ones fails, tap outs, and all-around blunders.

Some celebrities cried, other celebrities lost a few cool points, and one celebrity even had an accident during their interview. Sure, a few of the guests may have actually gotten through all 10 wings, but according to Evans himself, they definitely paid for it later. 

From DJ Khaled, who only got through three wings, to Eddie Huang, who sadly gave up only after eating two, vote up your all-time favorite Hot Ones fails.