Your Biggest Insecurity, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

What's your deepest insecurity? The answer is different for everyone, but chances are yours is shared by other people with the same zodiac sign. Each sign has its own traits, needs, and desires. When those needs aren't met, or a person is in a situation at odds with who they are, insecurities can flourish.

Though some of these zodiac traits can lead to feelings that are creepy or unpleasant, it's important to know what triggers your feelings of insecurity so you can work to overcome them. Not only will this help you become the best version of yourself, but it will also help you figure out what kind of people you're most compatible with. 

  • The first sign in the zodiac cycle is also one of the most ambitious. While Ariens have confidence in spades, their personal well-being relies heavily on their success at goals that are often hard to achieve. The potential for failure won't stop this Fire sign from trying, but the insecurity that creeps in when they feel like they've failed - or will fail - can be devastating.

    Ariens who realize failure is an inevitable part of life, and even a requirement for achieving their goals, will feel less frustrated and more content with their lives. 

  • If you ask the average Taurus whether or not they like change, chances are the answer will be no. While few would turn their nose up at a luxurious vacation, they're also not going to quit their jobs to pursue their dream of making an alt-country album or suddenly purchase an army of 25 Boston terriers. Taureans like predictability and knowing their needs will be met.

    For this sign, change isn't exciting - it's frightening, and it's a major source of insecurity. If their outer needs aren't met, their inner stability gets thrown off as well.

  • Geminis are known for being vivacious, extroverted gossip hounds. This sign thrives on being in the loop about everyone and everything. Whether it's making sure they're present at every major party or finding out the details of every salacious rumor, Geminis want to be front and center. So what happens when they are alone?

    Some Geminis fill up every moment with socializing to avoid this situation because it hooks into their deepest insecurities. Geminis fear if they aren't constantly embedded into a social structure, they don't have value - which is part of why they crave constant interaction. This sign might benefit from spending some time appreciating their own fascinating company. 

  • Deep, secure relationships are a must when it comes to a Cancer's peace of mind. This sign keeps their loved ones close, preferring connections with people who offer unconditional love. While that sounds like a big ask, they're also more than willing to give that love right back: no one does caretaking like a Cancer

    Because these relationships are so crucial, the biggest insecurity for this sign is rejection. Whether it's a rejection of their caretaking efforts or their attempts to connect on a personal level, Cancers take it hard. When this happens, Cancers run the risk of isolating themselves to avoid being hurt again. 

  • No sign is flashier than Leo - unsurprising, given that they're a Fire sign ruled by the Sun. While those born under this sign naturally attract the spotlight with their big personalities and dramatic fashion sense, at times, another person garners all the attention. Some Leos take this in stride, but for others, it taps into one of their biggest insecurities: being ignored.

    Whether they are passed over for a major career opportunity or see a cute person flirt with someone else, Leos can have a tough time existing outside the spotlight. Being ignored can stir up sickening thoughts about whether they truly deserve the attention they crave, or if they'll ever get that attention again. 

  • One of the less flattering Virgo traits is a tendency to be hypercritical of others. While Virgos can come across as less than kind when chastising co-workers about tardiness or criticizing someone's outfit, this tendency comes from a deep sense of personal insecurity. Virgos have high standards for everyone else because their expectations for themselves are so high - and they don't always feel like they're meeting them.

    For this high-strung sign, the worst thing that could happen is someone notices they're flagging and criticizes them for it, amplifying their own insecurities.