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'That Guy' In Horror Movies, Ranked By How Much Of A Jerk They Are

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The last person you want to be with if you're stuck in a horror movie is That Guy. You know the one. The guy who turns everyone against each other and argues with the final girl. Or worse, does something stupid and gets half the cast killed. These horror movie jerks are often scarier than the monsters they're fighting.

To be That Guy, a character doesn't have to be male. They just have to be a complete and total screw-up who can't see beyond themselves in any given situation. Old ladies, revived sex-maniacs, withholding mothers, and bad boyfriends all can be That Guy in a horror movie.

Every single one of these characters is the absolute worst, but it's up to you to decide which are the most horrible of them all.

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    Mrs. Carmody, The Hyper-Religious Zealot In 'The Mist'

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    Mrs. Carmody is the worst. Most horror movie jerks are at the very least kind of fun to watch. Audiences know that these characters are meant to be fodder for whatever creature/masked killer/mysterious ghost with long black hair they're facing, but Mrs. Carmody makes life a living hell for everyone in her vicinity.

    Being deeply religious, she believes that the mist surrounding the grocery in which she and a group of folks from Maine are trapped is a divine punishment handed down from God. Rather than help the people in the grocery store band together to escape the mist or just wait it out, she creates a divide in the survivors and even goes so far as to destroy many of the supplies that a separate group of survivors has put together.

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  • Carter Burke is the worst of the worst of the worst. Aside from being a red tape loving, middle-management bureaucrat of a major corporation, he also puts zero interest in human life. As soon as Ripley wakes up from hypersleep, he sees her as his meal ticket. Rather than help her adjust to life in the future, he puts her right back in the middle of her worst nightmare - a trip to LV-426.

    Once Burke figures out that Ripley wants no part in bringing a Xenomorph back to Earth (because she basically says, "I'm not helping you bring a Xenomorph back to Earth.") he does the most That Guy thing ever and locks her and the little girl they found on the planet in a room with two Facehuggers so he can impregnate them for a trip back home. 

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    Yong-suk, The Evil COO In 'Train to Busan'

    From the moment that Yong-suk arrives onscreen in Train to Busan, audiences know he's That Guy. In quick succession, he's rude to an unhoused person, he's rude to a small girl, and he locks a group of zombie apocalypse survivors out of his train car. This guy really takes the cake.

    As if that weren't bad enough, Yong-suk straight up pushes a survivor into a mass of zombies after he's well aware of the situation. That's not the only time he sacrifices a fellow survivor to save his own skin. Basically, if he can put someone in between him and death, he does it. When he finally bites the big one - or it bites him - it's incredibly satisfying.

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    Frank Cotton, The Sex-Crazed Maniac In 'Hellraiser'

    Everyone loves a bad boy, but Frank really presses his luck by opening a portal to a BDSM dimension full of sex demons with a fondness for ripping people apart. Forgetting for a moment that he's the catalyst for the deaths of his brother, his lover, and a bunch of random guys, he also slept with his brother's girlfriend and had her commit multiple homicides.

    The true sign that Frank is That Guy in Hellraiser is how little he cares about hurting the people in his life. The only things he cares about are his next fix and literally saving his own skin. Frankly, Frank deserves to have his soul torn apart.

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