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'Lord of the Rings' Movie Plot Holes That Are Impossible To Ignore

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While the quest to destroy Middle Earth's most evil ring may be an epic one, there are indeed a few Lord of the Rings plot holes you just can't ignore. Some of them, such as the whole eagle question, are well known to fans of the LOTR trilogy, while others aren't quite so obvious.

For diehard fans of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Silmarillion, some of these issues have fairly reasonable answers behind them, such as why Gandalf doesn't use his magic more. Others have made it their personal hobby to answer questions about everyone's favorite gray wizard, yet there are some remaining plot holes that seem to have no obvious solution.

Which ones are the most puzzling? You decide. Vote for the ones that are the most likely to keep you up at night. However, be forewarned, you're about to get a whole slew of LOTR plot holes that you'll never be able to unsee again. 

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    The Nazgul Gives Up His Shot At The Ring Super Easily

    While the hobbits are hanging out at Osgiliath in The Two Towers, Frodo has this super awkward moment when a Nazgûl appears, mounted on a fellbeast. As the henchmen of Sauron himself, the Nazgûl wants the ring and he wants it bad. So, imagine his delight when, in a moment of apparent insanity, Frodo straight up holds it up and offers it to him.

    After hovering there for a moment on his fellbeast, the Nazgûl moves in to take it, only to be driven away when his fellbeast is hit by a single arrow from Faramir.

    Seriously? The guy was more concerned about his ride getting scratched than fulfilling the entire purpose of his existence by nabbing the ring?

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    The Eagles Do Absolutely Nothing Until The Last Minute

    You can almost imagine the look on Frodo and Sam's faces when Gandalf flies in on the back of a huge eagle in The Return of the King. "Seriously? You mean all this time we could have flown?" they probably asked. It'd be like hiking across the country, only to have an old pal catch up to you along the way in a private jet. 

    So, why didn't the eagles just fly everybody right up to Mount Doom so they could toss the ring in? Among one of the most controversial questions in LOTR lore, there are whole Reddit threads devoted to answering just that.

    Honestly, though, the answer is probably a lot simpler than fans make it out to be: a bunch of guys hitching a ride on a big eagle would have made for a pretty lame story. 

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    Mount Doom's Security Is Way Too Lax 

    If you knew that there was only one volcano that could foil your chances at world domination, you'd probably keep it pretty heavily guarded, right? Apparently, Sauron didn't see the need.

    Even though the dark lord knew that the ring, which he had infused with his own life force, could literally only be destroyed by the volcanic fires of Mount Doom, Frodo and Sam don't have that hard a time sneaking up to it in The Return of the King

    What gives? Maybe Sauron didn't believe anyone could resist the ring's lore or could even survive the trip to the volcano. Think again, sucka. 

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    The Army Of Rohan Makes A Ridiculous Mistake

    The Return of the King features the Battle of the Pelennor Fields, which was one of the largest battles in the War for the Ring. So in ride the Rohirrim, an army of horsemen whose whole thing is their top-notch cavalry. They arrive to find that they've gained the tactical advantage of surprise against Sauron's forces, who definitely were not expecting them.

    What do they do? Take a moment to chill on a crest while blowing huge horns to announce their arrival. It's one thing to make an entrance, it's another to totally blow your chance at a surprise attack. Get it together, forces of Rohan. 

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