The Biggest Loser Is Secretly One Of The Most Brutal And Dangerous Reality Shows Ever Made

Season after season, The Biggest Loser is one of the most popular reality competition shows on television. While the show is a fan favorite and considered some of the best reality TV out there, more and more scary stories are starting to emerge that show The Biggest Loser is brutal. And not just brutal, but dangerous and inhumane to boot.

The dangers of The Biggest Loser aren't due to fake intense conditions like those created on other reality shows; the conditions really are as hazardous as many claim. Contestants engage in hours of exercise and are put on starvation diets, all in the name of an extreme makeover. While obesity poses many health risks, the weight loss regimens espoused on The Biggest Loser are potentially harmful, too.

If there's one thing reality TV has taught the public, it's that human beings are willing to do just about anything in front of a camera for money. The show is so couched in cheap sentiment and feel-good-quick emotional payoff that ardent fans seem willing to overlook the reasons why The Biggest Loser is dangerous. That doesn't, however, take away the legitimacy of the stories that have leaked from the set. The Biggest Loser behind-the-scenes accounts are far too compelling – and far too believable – to ignore. This show is savage.