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13 My Hero Academia Plot Holes That Are Pretty Hard To Ignore

My Hero Academia is a wildly popular show that absolutely deserves its accolades. But just because it's good doesn't mean there aren't a few plot holes that are hard to overlook. It's a pretty tight series, so there aren't many, and some may seem a little nitpicky, but let's get to it.

What are some of the more pressing My Hero Academia plot holes? From the main series, there's the fact that it'd be pretty much impossible for Aizawa to have expelled as many kids as he claims. The recent movie, Two Heroes, has its own share of plot holes - did anybody really buy the ending? 

Because My Hero Academia is still ongoing, it's possible that some of these plot holes will be filled in. But just like in any long series, chances are high that some of them will be left as-is. 

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    Some Quirks Seem Pretty Impossible To Even Figure Out In The First Place

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    Discovering one's Quirk tends to happen because it manifests in some noteworthy way. While in some cases the discovery is obvious, in other cases they require such specialized circumstances that it's hard to even imagine what the origin story could possibly be.

    For example, Stain is able to consume someone's blood, then paralyze them for a different length of time depending on their blood type. How in the world did he discover that? What led him to drink enough blood to come to any kind of conclusion whatsoever about how his quirk worked? Even characters with less gruesome quirks still raise questions: how did Snipe realize he could control a bullet's trajectory when he probably didn't get his hands on a gun until he was an adult? How did Shishikura realize he could ball other people up into globs of meat? 

    One possible explanation for this plot hole comes from Redestro, who theorized, that Toga's quirk unconsciously pushed her towards an obsession with blood, which would lead to her discovery. But this doesn't really explain the wide range of people whose quirks would be hard to determine.

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    Sir Nighteye's Quirk Mechanics Are Contradictory

    Sir Nighteye's quirk, Foresight, allows him to predict the future. He claims that his predictions are 100% accurate and that there's nothing he can do to change the outcome. 

    This proves to be untrue when Izuku and Eri defeat Overhaul using Eri's Rewind quirk. Because Eri's quirk reverses someone's time, it's possible that that interferes with Nighteye's ability to accurately predict outcomes... but that also doesn't really make sense, because there's nothing specific about his quirk that implies that he can't predict time-related things.

    Also, he does use his quirk in order to make short term decisions about things that are unrelated to Eri's quirk. If the outcome is locked in, using his quirk for this purpose would accomplish nothing. 

    It's possible that Nighteye simply doesn't know how his quirk works and is afraid to use it because he worries that it could lock a target into a particular future, but if that's the case then canon could and should have gone into more detail.


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    Todoroki Shouldn't Be Able To Use Both His Quirks Simultaneously At The Sports Festival

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    During his fight with Deku at the U.A. Sports Festival, Todoroki uses his fire quirk for the first time in a long while. Given that he's been trained by Endeavor since he was little, it makes sense that Todoroki is able to use both his ice and fire quirk simultaneously against Deku. However, there's just one problem. When Class 1-A attends their forest training camp, it is explicitly stated in episode 40 that Todoroki is unable to wield both ice and fire at the same time.

    This is strange as Todoroki was able to use both abilities simultaneously at the Sports Festival not too long ago. Perhaps this could be explained by Todoroki relying on adrenaline during the battle. But even if it's just adrenaline, Todoroki showcased some pretty impressive power for someone who just started using their fire quirk again. 

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    Technology Has Barely Changed In 1,000 Years

    My Hero Academia is supposed to take place 1,000 years in the future. While a lot has changed during that time, almost all of those changes relate to how quirks, specifically, have changed society. Realistically speaking, there would have been a lot more changes.

    Over the past 1,000 years, we've harnessed electricity, created indoor plumbing, invented cars, discovered germ theory, been to outer space, invented the Internet, and more. We've also dramatically changed the environment and endured multiple wars, plagues, and natural disasters. Technology changes so rapidly that tech we used only five years ago feels wildly outdated now.

    It's too much to ask that one creator should detail the evolution of the whole world over 1,000 years, but the fact that the characters use 2020-era cell phones, drive 2020-era cars, and still have a functioning O-Zone layer is more than a little far-fetched. 

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