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13 My Hero Academia Plot Holes That Are Pretty Hard To Ignore

My Hero Academia is a wildly popular show that absolutely deserves its accolades. But just because it's good doesn't mean there aren't a few plot holes that are hard to overlook. It's a pretty tight series, so there aren't many, and some may seem a little nitpicky, but let's get to it.

What are some of the more pressing My Hero Academia plot holes? From the main series, there's the fact that it'd be pretty much impossible for Aizawa to have expelled as many kids as he claims. The recent movie, Two Heroes, has its own share of plot holes - did anybody really buy the ending? 

Because My Hero Academia is still ongoing, it's possible that some of these plot holes will be filled in. But just like in any long series, chances are high that some of them will be left as-is. 

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    Mineta Should Have Been Expelled

    Mineta is a controversial character in the My Hero Academia universe. Some fans find his lewd acts to be off-putting and offensive, while others find him funny and charming. But whether you like Mineta as a character or not, his continued presence at U.A. is questionable to say the least. 

    Mineta has been caught repeatedly spying on, groping, and verbally harassing his female classmates. He's been told to stop, but he hasn't actually been punished in any way. Considering how strict Aizawa is supposed to be, you'd think that would have been immediate grounds for expulsion - or at the very least detention. 

    These kids are training to be heroes, which means that they're being held to a high moral standard. Clearly, some heroes don't meet that standard - that much is clear from Endeavor's whole storyline - but the fact that Mineta's teachers don't see this as a disciplinary issue is hard to believe.

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    How Did Hagakure Get Into U.A.?

    Though Toru Hagakure eventually learns to use her invisibility to refract light and use it to blind her opponents, when she first enters U.A. she possesses no offensive capabilities whatsoever.

    To qualify for entry into U.A., students must take a written exam and a practical exam. While we have no idea how Hagakure scored on her written exam, we know that her intelligence stat is 4/5, or a B. So, while she probably did well, it's unlikely that her grade was so stunning that it made up for any failings in the practical exam.

    We also don't really know how she did during the practical exam, but given that her quirk offers no advantage in fighting villain robots, and there's no other reason why she would be strong enough to accomplish this, the fact that she was admitted at all is confusing at best. 

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    Transferring One For All To Bakugo Made No Sense

    Watching Izuku transfer his quirk to Bakugo was both heartbreaking and awesome, but it also didn't make a whole lot of sense. Because Two Heroes took place sometime mid-canon, it was obvious that Bakugo wasn't going to end up keeping One For All, but the explanation for why it didn't work felt cheap and illogical - why would passing out stop the transfer when all it takes is the will of the transferer and consuming something with their DNA?

    Also, Bakugo is instantly able to use One For All perfectly when Izuku took months to master it. Bakugo might be a genius, but he's not that much more talented than Izuku. 

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    Tomura's Quirk Should Cause More Problems

    Tomura Shigaraki's quirk, Decay, allows him to cause anything he touches with all five fingers to disintegrate. This happens as soon as he applies all five fingers, regardless of whether he wills it. No matter how careful he is, the idea that he could possibly avoid touching not just his possessions but his own body strains plausibility.

    We know he's impacted by his own quirk because it causes his skin to deteriorate. It's possible that he's partially immune to his quirk and isn't totally destroyed by it, but there's no reason that would apply to things like his bed or his pants. If he had some kind of protective device, it'd be one thing, but he doesn't. 

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