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13 My Hero Academia Plot Holes That Are Pretty Hard To Ignore

My Hero Academia is a wildly popular show that absolutely deserves its accolades. But just because it's good doesn't mean there aren't a few plot holes that are hard to overlook. It's a pretty tight series, so there aren't many, and some may seem a little nitpicky, but let's get to it.

What are some of the more pressing My Hero Academia plot holes? From the main series, there's the fact that it'd be pretty much impossible for Aizawa to have expelled as many kids as he claims. The recent movie, Two Heroes, has its own share of plot holes - did anybody really buy the ending? 

Because My Hero Academia is still ongoing, it's possible that some of these plot holes will be filled in. But just like in any long series, chances are high that some of them will be left as-is.