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15 Naruto Plot Holes That Are Pretty Hard To Ignore

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Naruto is one of the biggest shows in anime history, but it's also totally full of plot holes. From villainous plans that don't make sense to details about the protagonists' life that don't add up, it's absolutely rife with inconsistancies.

To be fair to Kishimoto, the guy was writing Naruto from 1999 to 2014, and the series ended up being over 700 chapters long. Considering the scope of the project, it would take a super-genius to keep all the details straight. What's more, the unwieldy anime adaptation added a bunch of plot holes that weren't there in the manga. We can criticize the series for its plotholes while also appreciating it for its amazing characters, rich world, creative storyline, and impact on anime and manga as a whole. 

With that in mind, let's dive into some of the more irritating Naruto plot holes. Which ones got to you the most?

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    Why Did Hashirama & Tobirama Run Out Of Chakra?

    Reanimated shinobi are supposed to have unlimited chakra. Why that's true isn't really clear, but whatever, that's the rule that canon laid down. This is later completely contradicted when Hashirama and Tobirama run out of chakra.

    This probably happened because having the former hokages at full capacity would make it difficult for Naruto and Sasuke to show off their skills, but they could have also not said that reincarnations never run out of chakra. 

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    Why Is Naruto The Same Age As Everyone Else?

    At the beginning of the series, we find out that Naruto failed the graduation exam at Ninja Academy three times. While it's never made clear exactly how the academy functions, it's reasonable to assume that he'd also have to retake a year of school.

    If that's the case, then why is he the same age as people who didn't have to retake a year, like Sasuke and Sakura. Logically, he should be around the same age he is in Shippuden at the start of the series. 

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    Why Didn't Anyone Know Who Naruto Was?

    Naruto was the son of Minato Namikaze, the leader of Konoha at the time. Minato was probably the most visible face in not just his village, but his entire country. His mother, Kushina Uzumaki, was not just the descended from a powerful clan with a long and storied history in Konoha, she also had the nine tailed fox sealed inside her. Every single person in Konoha had to know who they were - and every single person had to know who Naruto was.

    The fact that Naruto grew up having no idea about his storied lineage strains plausibility. Even if the higher-ups wanted him to grow up without knowing, the idea that a random villager wouldn't mention it is unbelievable. Did they use a mass genjutsu to make everyone forget or something? 

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    Why Is Naruto Left Alone So Often?

    Despite having a godfather who promised to care for him, Naruto is raised by ANBU members who check up on him occasionally. The closest thing he has to a parental figure is the hokage, who does little besides give him his living expenses and tell him to be a good boy, and Iruka, a teacher who doesn't get involved in his life until he's nearly a teenager. This would have destroyed his development - children who don't form meaningful bonds during their early years suffer from severe emotional and behavioral challenges later in life.

    But it's not just Naruto's health that would have suffered - it's also the village's safety. Naruto is bascially a walking bomb. If the Nine Tailed Fox escaped the seal before Naruto learned to contain it, there could have been a catastrophe that would threaten all of Konoha. What's more, Naruto could have easily been abducted and used for nefarious purposes.

    Letting a Tailed Beast fall into enemy hands is just about the worst thing that could possibly happen, so why is everyone so willing to risk it?

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