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Superhero Movies Ranked By Biggest Opening Weekends

Updated April 29, 2019 5.2k views52 items

List RulesSuperhero films with the biggest (top-grossing) opening weekends since 2000—animated films excluded.

When it comes to opening weekends at the box office, superhero movies are no strangers to big numbers and full-on sellouts. From The Avengers to The Dark Knight, there's a load of superhero films coming out each year, and one always seems to top the last. However, plenty of these films and their domestic opening-weekend sales stand the test of time and remain some of the top-grossing movies

Whether it's a sequel, prequel, or the first of its kind, these action-packed superhero flicks constantly break records and completely "bust the block". In other words, films like Black Panther and Batman typically gross some seriously high ticket sales—regardless of how they end up performing later. But which films had the biggest opening weekends of them all? Check out the list below for the highest-grossing superhero films since the year 2000—during their opening weekend, of course.