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The Biggest Power Couple Of The Year You Were Born

May 6, 2020 11.0k views46 items

Who was the biggest power couple the year you were born? The media is always enamored by the coupling of famous people, and so is the gossip-crazed public. Here are the biggest power couples by year from 1960 to 2005.

Find out if your birth year celebrity couple was one of the few that stood the test of time. Are they still together like Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson? Or did they divorce like Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman? Was there scandal involved? Did their relationship just run its course? Did they meet on a movie set?

This list features power couples from movies, television, music, and modeling. Not surprisingly, Brad Pitt, Elizabeth Taylor, and Warren Beatty pop up several times over the years. Who else made the list? Check out the biggest power couples by year.  

  • 1964: Elizabeth Taylor And Richard Burton
    Photo: Cleopatra / Twentieth Century Fox

    Just four years after breaking up Eddie Fisher's marriage, Liz Taylor moved on to a new scandal. She met Richard Burton while filming the epic Cleopatra in 1963. She left Fisher and married Burton (her fifth marriage) in 1964.

    It was a scandalous union, even denounced by the Vatican. But it was also one the media could not get enough of. The pair decided to call it quits in 1974 after spending 10 years together. The rumor was that Burton was having an affair.

    "We had a good marriage. Something went wrong, but we're still good friends. I know I did everything in my power to make the marriage work, " Taylor said.

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  • 1965: Cher And Sonny Bono
    Photo: The Sonny and Cher Show / CBS

    Cher met Sonny at a coffee shop in Hollywood when she was just 16. The pair developed a romantic relationship and married in 1964. Cher was only 19; Sonny was 10 years older. 

    In 1965, they became a hit-making singing duo with "I Got You Babe" and "Baby Don't Go." Their popularity exploded around the world. A few years later, they starred in the hit television show The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour and then The Sonny & Cher Show

    Their union would not last. Sonny and Cher divorced in 1975.

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  • Cary Grant had already been married three times when he asked to meet Dyan Cannon in 1965. Despite their age difference (Grant was 61 and Cannon was 28) the North by Northwest actor swept the young starlet off her feet. 

    After Cannon became pregnant with their daughter Jennifer, the pair got married in 1965. It would be Grant's only child from his five trips down the aisle. However, the marriage only lasted two years.

    Cannon wrote a book in 2011 called Dear Cary: My Life with Cary Grant. The actress detailed their tumultuous union, but wrote that she considered her relationship with Grant to be the "romance of her life."

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  • Elvis Presley was already the King of Rock when he first set his eyes on a 14-year-old girl named Priscilla in 1959. They were both in Germany at the time. Elvis and Priscilla got married eight years later in a ceremony held in Las Vegas.  

    The royal music couple had their only child, Lisa Marie, in 1968. The couple divorced in 1973, but they were able to stay friends and raise their daughter together.

    Elvis passed in 1977 at 42. 

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