The Biggest Power Couple Of The Year You Were Born

Who was the biggest power couple the year you were born? The media is always enamored by the coupling of famous people, and so is the gossip-crazed public. Here are the biggest power couples by year from 1960 to 2005.

Find out if your birth year celebrity couple was one of the few that stood the test of time. Are they still together like Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson? Or did they divorce like Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman? Was there scandal involved? Did their relationship just run its course? Did they meet on a movie set?

This list features power couples from movies, television, music, and modeling. Not surprisingly, Brad Pitt, Elizabeth Taylor, and Warren Beatty pop up several times over the years. Who else made the list? Check out the biggest power couples by year.  


  • Eddie Fisher and Liz Taylor started their romance in scandal. Fisher was best friends with Taylor's husband Mike Todd, a film producer who perished in a plane crash in 1958. The grieving pair fell in love. The problem was that Fisher was still married to Debbie Reynolds, and they had two children together. 

    Following Fisher's divorce, the singer married Taylor in 1959 (her fourth marriage). At the time, their union was considered the "Hollywood scandal of the century." They did become a celebrity power couple in 1960 despite the swirl of negative press surrounding their nuptials. Fisher and Taylor did not make it, divorcing in 1964. The actress had her sights set on a new beau named Richard Burton. 

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  • 1961: John F. Kennedy And Jacqueline Kennedy
    Photo: Toni Frissell / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    In 1961, John F. Kennedy became the 35th president of the United States. At 43, the handsome leader was the second youngest president ever (behind Theodore Roosevelt). His wife, Jackie, was not only beautiful, but also fashionable and classy. The American version of royalty, the Kennedys remained married (despite JFK's apparently prodigious womanizing) until Kennedy's assassination in 1963.

    The public may not have been completely ready when Jackie married Aristotle Onassis five years after her husband's demise. She became Jackie O and remained married to the shipping magnate until his passing in 1975.

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  • 1962: Paul Newman And Joanne Woodward
    Photo: The Long, Hot Summer / 20th Century Fox

    Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward were both in the 1958 movie The Long, Hot Summer. They fell in love and even started living together in secret before the film wrapped. Newman and Woodward got married in Las Vegas in 1958. 

    They went on to be the model of what any marriage should look like. They had three daughters and stayed together until Newman's passing in 2008. 

    Newman once said about his relationship with Woodward, "I have steak at home. Why should I go out for hamburger?"

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  • 1963: Anne Bancroft And Mel Brooks
    Photo: Georges Biard / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA 3.0

    Anne Bancroft was already a Hollywood leading lady when she met comedy writer (and future legendary director) Mel Brooks in 1961. Their meet-cute story goes that Brooks saw Bancroft rehearsing a dance number for The Perry Como Show

    "A guy from way over, from the other side of the theater, said, 'Hey, Anne Bancroft. I'm Mel Brooks,'" Bancroft said of the first time they met. "In two years, no man had ever approached me with that kind of aggression, because I had just done [the Broadway plays] Two for the Seesaw and The Miracle Worker, and people were very scared of me, especially men."

    Brooks's forwardness worked. They married in 1964, had a son in 1972, and stayed together until Bancroft's passing in 2005.

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