What Was The Biggest Song The Year You Were Born?

Have you ever wondered what was the biggest song the year you were born? You aren't the only one--lots of folks have leaned back in a chair and wondered what song their parents were probably listening to when they... well, you get the idea. You may already know which movie was the most popular the year you were born, but what about songs?

Songs have a way of permeating a culture such that they become a huge part of our lives. Whether a song is performed by one of your favorite musicians or someone new, it's likely you have heard most of these at one time or another even if they technically do predate your birth somewhat.

Whichever song is considered to be the most listened to song by year helps us to follow trends in music and culture, but most interesting of all is finding out which single was the biggest song of your birth year. Now, we couldn't go back in time and list every song for each and every year, but we grabbed a sizable chunk representing a good portion of Generation X, Y, and Millennials. These aren't necessarily the best songs of all time, but are definitely the biggest songs of the year between 1975 and 2000.