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The Biggest Superheroes And Villains Who Have Never Appeared In Live-Action

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We are clearly living in the Golden Age of comic book-related adaptations - with so many superheroic film and television projects in the works that the list of who isn't in movies is now shorter than the list of those that have appeared somewhere in live action. There aren’t many popular Marvel or DC Comics characters that have yet to make their onscreen debut - but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any.

Comic book adaptations only really began in earnest in the ‘90s, and they didn’t hit their peak until the late 2000s - whereas the stories that inspired them were being published since the ‘30s. As such, there are still countless superheroes and supervillains that have yet to show up in a single Hollywood film or TV series - though one has to think that they’ll all eventually make it there one day. Superhero-related properties are just too profitable for studios to afford leaving any superpowered stone unturned. 

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