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Waiting tables is no easy task. That's why these stories of the biggest tips left for waiters and waitresses are so uplifting. Many of the generous people who gave huge gratuities to service people are just everyday, average folks. However, some of these unselfish, open-handed individuals are celebrities like David Beckham, who dropped $1,000 at a Los Angeles bar when the bill was only $900. From $400, into the millions, these tips are certainly more than 20%, and all show genuinely kind humans, spreading the wealth, paying it forward, and thinking of others.

The big tippers listed here range from local restaurant regulars to pop stars like Taylor Swift. She makes the list with her $500 check in Philadelphia, as do actors Russell Crowe and Johnny Depp who left epic tips that were extremely appreciated by their servers. One of these generous gratuity stories was even turned into a feature film starring Nicolas Cage.

Read through the list to find out just how charitable people can be, and remember these true stories the next time you run into an exceptional service employee!


$1000 for a Pizza Delivery Driver

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A pizza delivery driver consider converting after Sycamore Creek Church in Pickerington, Ohio gave her a $1000 tip for a $5.99 pizza. Rev. Steve Markle offered the huge tip after explaining that the day's sermon had been about generosity. So inspired were Markle's 500+ congregants, that they decided to take up a collection plate for the driver. When she arrived with the pie, they brought her on stage to give her the gift.

Source: Fox News

$500 at Peter's Clam Bar

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Amy Schumer proved she's a comedian with a heart of gold when she left a $500 tip on a $49 bill at Peter's Clam Bar in Long Island. Schumer learned that her server, Ryan, was a student working two jobs to pay for school. She only ordered some soup and a couple of appetizers, but left a 1000% tip in solidarity with the waiter. Schumer herself waited tables before making it big.

Source: Page Six, Huffington Post

$446 at Steak 'n Shake

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CeCe Bruce, a Steak 'n Shake waitress in Indianapolis, often served Miss Jo, who was a regular. Bruce, however, was shocked one day when she received a $446 tip. What's more, the bill was just $5.97.

$458 at Uncle Tony's Pizza

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Half a thousand dollars is a lot of dough, especially for a pizza, a sandwich, and a pitcher of beer. Janice Ruggerio got a $458 tip out of that, which came from a generous couple at Uncle Tony's Pizza and Pasta in Cranston, Rhode Island. The couple, who went to the pizza place in 2012, also came back a month later and dropped $70 to cover a $48 tab.