Weirdly Interesting The Lamest Tourist Traps From Around The World  

Mick Jacobs

Nothing feels more disappointing than realizing you wasted one of your invaluable vacation days on some lame tourist attraction. Thankfully, the video below delves into the lamest tourist traps out there, saving you the hassle of finding out for yourself.

Countless tourist attractions talk a big game only to disappoint you once you arrive. For one reason or another, these attractions got hyped up and turned into bona-fide tourist traps guaranteed to make you wish you'd just stayed at the hotel.

Unfortunately, since these attractions come with such a famous reputation, millions of tourists each year are duped into checking them out. No matter what you say to your friends, family, or coworkers, Times Square will rope in tourists until the day a tidal wave engulfs NYC.

But you, savvy traveler, can avoid these tourist traps by watching the video below. While it might ruin vacation plans you already had in mind, your wallet and vacation days will definitely appreciate it.