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The 14 Biggest Flops In Video Game History

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  • Photo: Atari

    E.T. was all the rage in the '80s. Atari spent around $21 million for the licensing rights alone and paid $200,000 (along with an all-expenses-paid vacation to Hawaii) to secure the right developer. The E.T. video game was highly anticipated at its release in 1982, becoming a popular sought-after Christmas gift. Stores over-ordered in anticipation, only to be met with disappointment because the title flopped due to mediocre gameplay. 

    It eventually sold 1.5 million units, and is still one of the best-selling Atari 2600 titles. However, over 3 million cartridges went unsold, resulting in a huge commercial loss. Atari buried these millions of copies of E.T. in a landfill in New Mexico, which were later unearthed in 2014. The total money lost after all was said and done? $536 million

    • Release: 1982
    • Developer: Atari, Inc., Atari
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    Video games saw a surge of superhero games in the late '90s and early 2000s. Unfortunately, many of the titles were shameless money-grabs that were churned out as quickly as possible. Superman was no exception. In addition to production delays and basic control problems, the game suffered from serious technical issues.

    Most notably, this title is often referred to as the worst game of all time.

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      No Man's Sky

      Hello Games, the developers for No Man's Sky, caught a lot of flack for "falsely advertising" their game. Steam featured ads for the game that displayed "a different type of combat, unique buildings, 'ship flying behavior' and [different] creature sizes." They were also criticized for displaying ads for the game with higher quality graphics than can be attained in-game.

      Complaints were so drastic that the Advertising Standards Authority started an investigation into the advertising campaign of the game (which ultimately concluded that the devs didn't mislead customers). Although the game was a massive critical flop, it was a financial success, raking in an estimated $43 million. They sold over 800,000 copies of the game in the first year of its release, despite losing over 90% of their fan base within two weeks time. 

      • Duke Nukem Forever was the long awaited sequel to the incomparable Duke Nukem. It was supposed to be released in 1998, but was inexplicably delayed time and time again until 2006. Since the game development started in the '90s, it had some pretty outdated graphics. 

        Add the fact that the developers and publishers were fighting over funding and licensing rights, and you've got the end-result of a heavily criticized flop. 

        • Release: 2011
        • Developer: Gearbox Software, 3D Realms

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