unspeakable crimes This Guy Saw Someone Stealing A Bike And Took Justice Into His Own Hands  

Mick Jacobs

What would you do if you came across someone stealing something as noticeable as bicycle? Well, one biker in Dublin knew exactly what he would do: chase the thief down and get it all on camera.

By a stroke of luck, Jozef Tobias captures the perpetrator on his GoPro while biking down the street himself. The thief appears briefly on the left side of the street as Tobias wheels past. 

Tobias appears to stop and process what he just witnessed, eventually making the decision to turn around and high-tail after the thief. The chase takes them both through the streets of Dublin before coming to a close at a train station.

Confronted at last, the thief puts up a pathetic defense, until he hears that Tobias caught the whole thing on camera. You can watch it all for yourself below. Don't worry, the ending actually turns out okay.