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How Biker Gangs Give Back To The Community

Updated September 23, 2021 13.6k views13 items

They may give outsiders the impression of being tough-as-nails renegades, but many biker gangs are actually a lot more goodhearted and compassionate than people might initially assume.

Biker gang charities and socially-conscious causes are a central focus of many motorcycle clubs. It just goes to show reputations are not always accurate. There are famous biker gangs across the nation that focus their collective efforts on giving back to a number of good causes and organizations.

In reality, the vast majority of bikers are just really cool people who genuinely want to give back. For some MCs, this might mean fundraising. Others donate their time, talents, or gifts.

Sometimes bikers' loved ones have been affected by an illness charity seeks to eliminate, but in other cases their local communities are simply in need. Regardless of their reasons, there have been countless times biker gangs were good, and there likely will be many more in the future.

  • They Volunteer With Habitat For Humanity

    Photo: Seaman James Griffith / Public Domain/Wikimedia

    Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club is involved in a number of different charitable events. Mostly comprised of African American bikers, the group is named after the cavalry of Black soldiers who blazed trails in post-Civil War America.

    According to their mission statement, they "do good in the 'hood through community service such as, feeding the homeless, awarding scholarships for graduating high school seniors and riding our motorcycles in support of organizations such as the Make-a-Wish Foundation." Habitat for Humanity is another of the group's favored organizations. 

  • They Empower Women

    Photo: Facebook

    Bikerni Motorcycle Club is the first women's motorcycle group in India. With over 500 members and chapters across the country, Bikerni's mission is to raise awareness on issues unique to women in the biking world and "to empower women all over India through the field of motorcycles." 

    "The idea behind the association is to promote motorcycling among women and encourage them to fulfill their desire for adventure," the group's co-founder, Urvashi Patola, said. "We are not a group of unruly bikers. We believe in safe riding and promote safe riding."

    In India, as in other parts of the world, female bikers view motorcycling as more than fun. It's freedom.

  • They Emphasize Clean Living And Community Service

    Photo: US Federal Government / Public Domain/Wikimedia

    Defiant Crew MC believes in "higher ideals and stricter codes of conduct." They have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to drugs, and they emphasize giving back to their communities.

    Their mission is best summed up in the group's credo. "We are here to show all that meet us that motorcycle riders have hearts and are among the first to stand up when there is a call for help in the community." They have chapters all around the US.

  • They Promote Literacy



    Bikers for Books is focused on ensuring local schools have reading materials for literary education. They consider themselves "a network of bikers and other reading enthusiasts."

    Through motorcycle runs, donations, and the sale of branded merchandise, they support literacy and reading awareness initiatives in their cities and towns. The group also visits libraries and schools where they read to kids. They hold free assemblies as well, wherein they discuss their work and the importance and joy of reading.