The Most Intense Biker Gang Fights in Recent History

Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs (or OMGs, in police shorthand) have a reputation for violently protecting their turf, upholding their rules, and punishing those who step out. When multiple clubs who live by these credos bump up against each other, things can turn bloody and that's exactly what happened in these most brutal and violent biker gang fights in history.

In the six decades since the first motorcycle gangs formed, different groups have fought each other over turf, respect, perceived slights and sometimes just as a result of everyone being really drunk. Other incidents have involved members who ran afoul of club rules or tried to start their own branches - with members brutally killing bikers who they'd normally be riding with. Some of these fights, such as brawls at charity events, can seem humorous and ironic. Others, like the execution of dissenting members or the shooting of bystanders, are nothing to joke about.

Here are some of the most well-known and infamous biker brawls, shootings, and stabbings in history.