comedy 19 Times Bill Burr Made a Really Good Point  

CE Hudspeth
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It doesn't matter if it's coming from his Monday Morning Podcast, a talk show, his Netflix Original Series F Is For Family, or his standup comedy, Bill Burr quotes are always hilarious and often offer a unique perspective. Sometimes they’re one-liners, but other times (more often than not) Bill Burr jokes come in the form of a rant. These are some of Burr’s best stand up routines (well, snippets from them), ranked by Burrheads all over the world. Burrheads isn't the official name for Bill Burr fans, nor should it be. Now that I've typed it I instantly regret it.
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On Lance Armstrong

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Burr defends Armstrong's sullied reputation with some pretty valid points.
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On Steve Jobs

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While many praise the innovator, Burr provides an unpopular perspective on the late Steve Jobs.
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On Self-Checkout Machines

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Burr is not a fan of the self checkout and he explains precisely why that is the case.
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On Charities in Sports

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Bill pokes fun at the NFL and their commercials that make him feel bad about things their players are guilty of doing.