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Bill Clinton's Loves & Hookups

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List of Bill Clinton's women, girlfriends, wife, and mistresses. Rumors of Bill Clinton relationships and affairs. With all the famous women the former president has been attached to, it's a shock that none of them are on the list of celebrity "tapes." No one would be surprised if Clinton ended up being the first president with such a tape, given his famous scandal while in office. 

Who has Bill Clinton had affairs with? Who has Bill Clinton been with? How many girlfriends did Bill Clinton have? Did Bill Clinton have any secret lovers? The dating history of Bill Clinton, listed by most recent.

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    Who she is: Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton is a former United States Secretary of State, U.S. Senator, and First Lady of the United States.

    How she knows Bill: Hillary and Bill met in the library of Yale Law School, where they were both students. They wed in Arkansas in 1975 when Hillary was 27 and Bill was 29. There were 15 guests in attendance at their wedding.

    • Age: 72
    • Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois, USA
    • Gender: Female
    • Alternative Name: Hillary Clinton

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    Monica Lewinsky

    Who she is: Monica Samille Lewinsky (born July 23, 1973) is an American woman with whom United States President Bill Clinton admitted to having had an "inappropriate relationship" while she worked at the White House as an intern in 1995 and 1996.

    How she knows Bill: In her testimony, Lewinsky alleged that between November 1995 and March 1997, she had nine encounters with then-President Bill Clinton in the Oval Office. Bill Clinton was impeached as a result of the scandal. 

    • Age: 47
    • Birthplace: San Francisco, California, USA
    • Gender: Female


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    Who she is: Gennifer Flowers (born January 24, 1950) is a model and actress who famously claimed to have an intimate relationship with former U.S. President Bill Clinton. Prior to Bill Clinton's presidency, she also posed for Penthouse magazine and was an actress in two films and one TV show.

    How she knows Bill:  Flowers met Bill Clinton in 1977 while she was working as a news reporter for KARK-TV in Little Rock, Arkansas. In her court testimony she claims that shortly after they met, she and Bill began an intimate relationship that lasted for twelve years.

    • Age: 70
    • Birthplace: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States of America
    • Gender: Female
  • Who she is: Maria Furtwängler-Burda (born September 13, 1966) is a German physician and television actress.

    How she knows Bill: She met Bill through her husband, Dr. Hubert Burda, and has spoken about how great of a speaker Bill Clinton is. 
    • Age: 54
    • Birthplace: Munich, Germany
    • Gender: Female