Every Time Bill Murray Seemed Ready To Quit A Movie In The Middle Of A Scene

People love seeing Bill Murray, even in the worst of films. He has a way of elevating trash by simply existing in his zen-like Murray space. That said, he phones it in from time to time. Admittedly, it can be hard to tell when Murray is phoning it in and when he's just being so Murray he transcends his own existence. His signature droll dissatisfaction, as exemplified in films like Rushmore and Lost in Translation, has led to a pervading sense that, from time to time, Murray would rather be in the bathtub or listening to records than getting paid to act. Is Bill Murray lazy acting, or does his character not care? 

Bill Murray giving up in movies isn’t new; as you’ll see his unfortunate habit bleeds into some of his iconic roles, and goes back almost 20 years, leading audiences to wonder whether Murray even wanted the role in the first place. 

Some of the worst Bill Murray scenes happen when he’s acting around people he really doesn't like. In Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle, for instance, Murray seems like he'd rather be choking on his own vomit than acting. As it turns out, he has a vendetta against McG, the film's director. When McG accused Murray of harming him on set, Murray denied it.

Though Murray has a tendency to wear his spite on his sleeve in big studio productions, even small indie films, which he seems so fond of doing, have moments of total non-engagement by the actor. Keep reading to find out which movies Bill Murray totally checked out of, and if you can think of a particular scene where Murray phoned it in tell us in the comments.