Every Song That Debuted At No. 1 On Billboard

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For some bands and musicians, playing local shows and getting a record deal is the top goal, but for others, it's all about hitting that Hot 100 on the Billboard chart. Moreover, having a song that debuts at no. 1 on said chart is the ultimate achievement—and it's only been done a fair amount of times. When you think about the abundance of singles that drop each day, week, or month, debuting number one is a pretty big deal. Regardless, each and every song that debuts at that top spot can and should be considered one of the best of the artist's time. 

But of all the songs to debut at no. 1 on Billboard, there has to be a single best. Could it be Michael Jackson's "You Are Not Alone"? Or perhaps it's Childish Gambino and his "This is America" track, accompanied by the powerful, controversial, and statement-making video. Whatever song it is, it's up to you to decide—so bring out your inner music critic.

Check out the Billboard number one hits below and vote up whatever you think are the best songs to top the chart. 

Most divisive: This Is America
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