The Most Beautiful Billionaire Trophy Wives

Who wants to be a billionaire? Pretty much everybody. If you're a billionaire you can buy anything you want without having to even think about it. When you're a billionaire, money actually does seem to grow on trees. Another advantage of being a billionaire is that you can attract some seriously beautiful women and marry them. Or just date them. Really, it's whatever you want. You're a billionaire. Even if you're ugly, old, or just regular looking, a trophy wife could be in your future if you have loads of cash. These are the most stunning trophy wives of billionaires, ranked by how beautiful they are.

This list is simple: who do you think is the hottest wife or girlfriend of a billionaire? No multi-millionaires on this list, they have to be billionaires. From Sumner Redstone's many wives, to Michael Dell's wife, and even Elon Musks wife (on again off again wife that is), these are all of the most gorgeous billionaire wives.

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