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The Best Billy Bob Thornton Movies

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List of the best Billy Bob Thornton movies, ranked best to worst with movie trailers when available. Though he had already been a working actor for 10 years, 1996's Sling Blade made Billy Bob Thornton a star. Billy Bob Thornton's highest grossing movies have received a lot of accolades over the years, earning millions upon millions around the world. The order of these top Billy Bob Thornton movies is decided by how many votes they receive, so only highly rated Billy Bob Thornton movies will be at the top of the list. Billy Bob Thornton has been in a lot of films, so people often debate each other over what the greatest Billy Bob Thornton movie of all time is. If you and a friend are arguing about this then use this list of the most entertaining Billy Bob Thornton films to end the squabble once and for all.

If you think the best Billy Bob Thornton role isn't at the top, then upvote it so it has the chance to become number one. The greatest Billy Bob Thornton performances didn't necessarily come from the best movies, but in most cases they go hand in hand.

Examples of films on this list include The Ice Harvest and Bad Santa.

"This list answers the questions, "What are the best Billy Bob Thornton movies?" and "What are the greatest Billy Bob Thornton roles of all time?" If you are a fan of Thornton's dramatic roles, you might also enjoy our list of best Bruce Willis movies and best John Cusack movies.


  • 1

    Sling Blade

    Robert Duvall, Billy Bob Thornton
    Sling Blade is a 1996 American drama film set in rural Arkansas, written and directed by Billy...  more

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  • 2

    Pushing Tin

    Angelina Jolie, Cate Blanchett
    Pushing Tin is a 1999 comedy-drama film directed by Mike Newell. It centers on Nick Falzone, a...  more
  • 3

    Bad Santa

    Lauren Graham, Billy Bob Thornton
    Bad Santa is a 2003 American Christmas black comedy film directed by Terry Zwigoff, and...  more

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  • 4

    The Alamo

    Emily Deschanel, Billy Bob Thornton
    The Alamo is a 2004 American film about the Battle of the Alamo during the Texas Revolution....  more

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  • 5

    Waking Up in Reno

    Charlize Theron, Penélope Cruz
    Waking Up in Reno is a 2002 American comedy drama film directed by Jordan Brady. The...  more
  • 6

    Monster's Ball

    Halle Berry, Sean Combs
    Monster's Ball is a 2002 American romantic drama film directed by German-Swiss director Marc...  more

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  • 7

    Love Actually

    Keira Knightley, Elisha Cuthbert
    Love Actually is a 2003 British Christmas-themed romantic comedy film written and directed by...  more

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  • 8

    Dead Man

    Johnny Depp, Steve Buscemi
    This film is a 1995 American Western film written and directed by Jim Jarmusch. It stars...  more

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  • 9

    One False Move

    Billy Bob Thornton, Bill Paxton
    One False Move is a 1992 American thriller film co-written by Billy Bob Thornton. The film...  more
  • 10

    A Simple Plan

    Billy Bob Thornton, Bill Paxton
    A Simple Plan is a 1998 American neo-noir thriller film, and an adaptation of the 1993 novel...  more

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  • 11

    Bad News Bears

    Billy Bob Thornton, Marcia Gay Harden
    Bad News Bears is the 2005 remake of the 1976 comedy film The Bad News Bears, produced by...  more

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  • 12


    Kirsten Dunst, Morgan Freeman
    Levity is a 2003 drama film directed by Ed Solomon. Its theatrical release was on April 4. The...  more
  • 13

    Jayne Mansfield's Car

    Robert Duvall, Kevin Bacon
    Jayne Mansfield's Car is a 2012 drama film directed by Billy Bob Thornton, marking his first...  more
  • 14


    Jake Gyllenhaal, Jamie Lee Curtis
    When a Pot Baron (Lithgown) is killed in a remote field in Northern California and his three...  more

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  • 15

    Primary Colors

    John Travolta, Emma Thompson
    Primary Colors is a 1998 drama film based on the novel Primary Colors: A Novel of Politics, a...  more

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  • 16

    Eagle Eye

    Julianne Moore, Shia LaBeouf
    Eagle Eye is a 2008 American science fictional technology action thriller film directed by D....  more

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  • 17

    The Man Who Wasn't There

    Scarlett Johansson, Billy Bob Thornton
    The Man Who Wasn't There is a 2001 British-American neo-noir film written, produced and...  more
  • 18

    The Baytown Outlaws

    Eva Longoria, Billy Bob Thornton
    The Baytown Outlaws is a 2012 action comedy film directed by Barry Battles in his directorial...  more
  • 19

    The Ice Harvest

    John Cusack, Billy Bob Thornton
    The Ice Harvest is a 2005 thriller comedy film directed by Harold Ramis and written by Richard...  more
  • 20


    Dwayne Johnson, Carla Gugino
    Faster is 2010 action film written by Joe Gayton and Tony Gayton and directed by George...  more
  • 21

    The Apostle

    Farrah Fawcett, Robert Duvall
    The Apostle is a 1997 American drama film written and directed by Robert Duvall, who stars in...  more

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  • 22

    Some Folks Call It a Sling Blade

    Billy Bob Thornton, Molly Ringwald
    Some Folks Call It a Sling Blade is a short film written by Billy Bob Thornton, directed by...  more
  • 23

    Princess Mononoke

    Claire Danes, Gillian Anderson
    Princess Mononoke is a 1997 anime epic action historical fantasy film written and directed by...  more

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  • 24

    The Informers

    Amber Heard, Mickey Rourke
    The Informers is a 2008 American ensemble hollywood drama film written by Bret Easton Ellis...  more

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  • 25

    The Smell of Success

    Téa Leoni, Billy Bob Thornton
    "When a tragic accident ends the life of Mr. Rose, the genius behind Rose's Manure Company,...  more