The Best Billy Crystal Movies

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More than 350 movie fans have come together to vote on the best films featuring Billy Crystal. Though Crystal is iconic for his classic Saturday Night Live skits and roles in When Harry Met Sally, City Slickers, and Analyze This, he's appeared in a variety of comedies throughout his career.

Fans love Crystal's unique brand of humor that combines physical comedy with sharp wit. Whether it's playing a one-eyed green creature in Monster's Inc. or the eccentric healer Miracle Max from The Princess Bride, Billy Crystal continues to bring joy to audiences worldwide.

His ability to switch between characters without missing a beat has earned him countless awards and nominations over the years. His hilarious take on life has made him one of America’s most beloved comedians - something apparent when you look at this list of his top movies voted by fans.

From romantic comedies like Forget Paris to slapstick classics like Running Scared and Parental Guidance, there are plenty of great films here for everyone looking for some lighthearted entertainment. So why not check out our list and see if your favorite Billy Crystal flick made the cut? Vote up your favorites so others can discover them too.

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