The Best Binge-worthy Reality TV

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Vote up your go-to reality shows for binge-watching that have aired more than three seasons.

No shame in having comfort shows and definitely no judgment if your go-to binge show is a high-drama reality series. All of these reality shows have been on the air for more than three seasons and they are always full of excitement and drama, and probably always on your "continue watching" queue. Ranked by your votes, these are the best and most binge-worthy reality TV series.

Which reality shows will you find on this list? Survivor is going to be near the top. With over forty seasons and betrayal and drama almost guaranteed in every episode, it's a binge-watch that will be with you for a while. Chopped is a good reality show to binge for those who like excitement more than stress - plus you can get inspired for the next time you take a turn in the kitchen. If you are looking for a bingeable reality series that showcases amazing skills then RuPaul's Drag Race and American Ninja Warrior are two great options. Of course, there is more, from singing to baking, inventions, and drama below deck, these are the best reality shows with plenty of seasons to binge-watch.

Vote up your go-to reality binge shows, so other folks in need of new things to watch know what to turn to.

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