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12 Pics Of Insanely Awesome Natural Bioluminescence That'll Leave You In Awe

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Bioluminescence in nature almost defies belief. It's no wonder that early explorers thought bioluminescent phytoplankton were "sparks" in the water. And its not just these miniscule creatures that give off light. The rest of the natural world is filled with glow-in-the-dark bodies that look like something out of science fiction.

Bioluminescent plants and fungi illuminate forests with their eerie light. Glowing fish are found in the depths of the ocean. And insects, like fireflies, use blinks to attract potential mates. Why they glow varies, depending on the species; bioluminescent animals might use the light as a form of mimicry, or to attract their prey. Consider the anglerfish, which lures in hapless fish with its hypnotic hanging light.

Bioluminescence is a fascinating wonder that continues to dazzle and inspire. Though it seems magical, it's very much a part of nature just waiting to be seen.