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List of Biopharmaceutical Companies

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List of the top biopharmaceutical companies in the world, listed by their prominence with corporate logos when available. This list of major biopharmaceutical companies includes the largest and most profitable biopharmaceutical businesses, corporations, agencies, vendors and firms in the world. If you are wondering what the biggest biopharmaceutical companies are, then this list has you covered. This list includes the most famous biopharmaceutical companies in the industry, so if you're thinking of working in the biopharmaceutical industry you might want to look to these companies for jobs. This list includes names of both small and big biopharmaceutical businesses.

List is made up of many different companies, including Cephalon and Halozyme Therapeutics.

This list answers the questions, "What are the biggest biopharmaceutical companies in the world?" and "What are the most successful biopharmaceutical companies?"
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    Anavex Life Sciences

    Anavex Life Sciences Corp. is a pharmaceutical company that develops drug candidates. ANAVEX...  more
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    Bayhill Therapeutics is focused on the translation of research into therapeutics for the...  more
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    Biotechnology, Biopharmacy
    Biocon Limited is an Indian biopharmaceutical company based in Bangalore, India. The Company...  more
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    Pharmaceutical Preparation, Biotechnology
    Cephalon, Inc. was a U.S. biopharmaceutical company co-founded in 1987 by Dr. Frank Baldino,...  more
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    Halozyme Therapeutics

    Biological Product (except Diagnostic) Manufacturing, Biopharmacy
    Halozyme Therapeutics, based in San Diego, California, is a biopharmaceutical company...  more
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    Myriad Genetics, Inc.

    Biotechnology, Health Care
    Myriad Genetics, Inc. is an American molecular diagnostic company based in Salt Lake City,...  more
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    OncoMed Pharmaceuticals is a biotechnology company dedicated to improvingcancer treatment, by...
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    Biopharmaceutical company committed to the discovery, clinical development and marketing of...  more
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    Biotechnology, Biopharmacy
    Tanox was a biopharmaceutical company based in Houston, Texas. The company was founded by two...  more
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    Xoma Corporation

    Pharmaceutical Preparation, Biotechnology
    XOMA is a leading biopharmaceutical company in the field of therapeutic antibody discovery and...  more