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The Objectively Worst Decisions In 'Bird Box'

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Bird Box - the Netflix film about a world in which unnamed supernatural creatures cause humans to end their own lives - is full of intense and upsetting imagery. It explores how humans might act when the world breaks down, and questions how far people will go to save their loved ones. It also has characters who make a lot of bad decisions. Whether they’re attempting to steer a boat blindfolded or getting drunk in the middle of the apocalypse, everyone in the film acts like they’ve never seen a scary movie before. 

This isn’t to say the characters' regrettable decisions aren't somewhat understandable. They’re living through an absolutely horrible series of events - the Bird Box creatures are inarguably scary and most of the survivors' loved ones have met grisly ends. Even so, at some point, you’ve got to put your head on straight and start making good decisions. How would you handle the world of Bird Box? Would you play it safe, or would you make the same bad decisions as Sandra Bullock? 

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    Charlie Opens The Door For Fish Fingers

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    While grabbing supplies from the grocery store, Charlie finds his friend "Fish Fingers" on the other side of a loading bay door. He's smashing his fists against the door and screaming at the top of his lungs. It's clear he's not having a good time. 

    Why, oh why, does the group open the door for Fish Fingers? In doing so, they effectively annihilate Charlie, a budding author and one of the few characters who seems to have an idea of what they're up against. When Charlie goes, they also lose the one guy with a key to the supermarket. Sure, the food won't last forever, but it's nice to have it all locked up. 

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    The Survivors Let Gary Into the House

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    Even though Gary effectively ruins the survivors' suburban sanctuary, their decision to let him in the house is still up for debate. They think they are saving a good guy who is simply seeking shelter from an apocalyptic world. It would be heartless to leave him alone outside. 

    However, their one definitive mistake is allowing him to putter around in the house by himself while Malorie and Olympia give birth upstairs. It should be apparent to everyone that something is off with him when he pulls out his creepy drawings, starts dancing to Aretha Franklin, and throws the birds in the freezer. 

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    Survivors Regularly Decide To Talk With Strangers

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    Five years after the world comes to a standstill - and after Malorie gives birth to a child during Gary's crazed rampage - humans keep to themselves and do their best to hide from the creatures and other people, as well. Once Malorie and Tom begin living as a family with the kids, pretty much everyone they meet tries to make them look at the supernatural beings. 

    Tom meets his end in an attempt to save Malorie when a group of assailants discover their house. Later, when Malorie and the kids are traveling downriver, a guy comes out of nowhere and tries to do something disturbing with a hook. Instead of speaking to him, Malorie should have simply paddled her heart out. Seriously, when has a man with a hook in the middle of a river ever been a good thing? 

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    Tom And Malorie Don't Plan For A Future Encounter With The Seers

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    After escaping the city, Malorie and Tom relocate to the woods, where they train themselves to hear the creatures when they get close. This is a great idea, but they're woefully unprepared for the roving bands of "seers." The seers are unique individuals who can look at the creatures without losing it. They want the survivors they find to see the monsters, too. 

    After surviving Gary's sabotage, it would make sense for the couple to booby trap the house against these creeps, or at the very least create some kind of alarm system.

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