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12 Easter Eggs In 'Birds Of Prey' You Definitely Missed

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Birds of Prey has finally hit theaters like a beanbag of glitter to the face, and it continues the DCEU's post-Justice League hot streak. The movie flies by at breakneck speed, and there are likely a number of details you missed in Birds of Prey

Naturally, many Birds of Prey Easter eggs are allusions to the comics and Batman: The Animated Series. Arguably, the best is an extremely cool homage to one of the most iconic Joker moments in all of Batman comic history, but there are plenty of DC comic nods spanning multiple decades and storylines. They didn't just invent Birds of Prey for this movie, after all. And even though the DCEU isn't nearly as tightly constructed as Marvel's cinematic universe, Birds of Prey even includes a few cheeky nods to the rest of the franchise, including one movie DC probably wishes had never happened.

Without further adieu, grab your mallet and let's take a gander at a few of the more obscure references and Easter eggs from Birds of Prey you may have missed amidst the rainbow explosions and breaking legs.