The Craziest Burgers You Can Actually Order (If You Dare)

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Go ahead. Read through this list of ridiculous, delicious, sometimes terrifying burger creations and try to tell us your mouth isn’t watering by the third picture. We’ve brought you a list of the weirdest burgers, the meatiest burgers, the tallest burgers, and the most creative burgers that will forever haunt your freaky burger dreams (and your arteries, if you dare devour any of them).

What you don’t know is that you’re about to embark upon a carnivorous journey through the best burgers of all time… and all you have to do is be a little open-minded. Keep reading and you’ll learn about all the craziest burgers of all time. Vote up the ones you can't believe made their way onto a menu.

Photo: Crazee Burger / Facebook