These Superfans Bought The Absolute Weirdest Celebrity Memorabilia Out There

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A fine line exists between superfan and stalker, and the weirdest celebrity memorabilia ever collected proves that point. Forget the autographs and the bobbleheads, this memorabilia allows fans to get up close and personal with their favorite stars. Yes, like bodily fluids close. Nearly anything touched, used, or (ack) excreted by a famous person can be a money-maker these days. While maybe not quite the most expensive memorabilia out there, odd celebrity trinkets fetch more moola than you might think. Have a used tissue from a beautiful blond actress? That'll get you $5,300. Find French toast partially eaten by a boy band stud? You just earned yourself $3,100 for that.

Just like the strangest celebrity eBay auctions, these wacky pieces of celebrity memorabilia show that people will buy just about anything belonging to a celebrity, regardless of how gross it might be.


  • Elizabeth II's Underwear
    Photo: Joel Rouse/ Ministry of Defence/nagualdesign / Wikimedia Commons / OGL v.3

    Instead of returning Queen Elizabeth's underwear to her like a gentleman, Baron Joseph de Bicske Dobronyi decided to add them to his own private stash after finding them on a plane. When he passed, the Queen of England's panties then sold for $18K on eBay

  • John Lennon's Tooth
    Photo: Joost Evers/Anefo / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain
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    John Lennon's Tooth

    How... nice... of John Lennon to give his tooth to his housekeeper as a gift. And how... disturbing... that it ended up selling for over $32K in auction in 2011.

    At least it made somebody happy, a somebody who plans to clone the late Beatle using the tooth's DNA.

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    William Shatner's Kidney Stone

    In 2006, the online casino became the lucky buyer of a real-life kidney stone passed by none other than actor William Shatner. The spokesperson and Star Trek actor not only banked a cool $25,000 for the stone, but also included a surgical stint and string, both used to help him pass the stone, in the deal. Bonus: Shatner even gave advice on what to do with his kidney stone, since clearly there is only one way to show off such a find. He said, "The stone was so big, you'd want to wear it on your finger."

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    Air Breathed By Brad Pitt And Angelia Jolie

    Brad and Angelina occupied god-status in the celebrity world, and fans viewed the very air they breathed to be just as holy. If you'd like to cleanse your sins and even maybe become immortal, then consider breathing the rarefied, Oscar-winning air that they exhaled at one point during their lives. Someone packaged it into a jar and sold it for $530 on eBay.

  • A Drop Of Ronald Reagan's Blood
    Photo: Michael Evans / Wikimedia Commons / Public domain

    It's creepy enough that a lab worker kept a vial of Ronald Reagan's blood after she treated him at her hospital following his near assassination. It's even creepier that it received bids of up to $31K when it went up for auction. The winning bidder eventually donated the blood to the Reagan Foundation, after much encouragement on their part

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    Scarlet Johansson's Tissue

    Fans of Scarlet Johansson bid on her used tissue on eBay in 2008. The tissue, which was handed to the celeb by Jay Leno during her appearance on The Tonight Show, sold for $5,300 with the proceeds going to Johansson's favorite charity, USA Harvest.