Unspeakable Times

27 Tragic and Bizarre Crimes of Passion

A crime of passion is technically defined as a “violent crime, especially murder, in which the perpetrator commits the act against someone because of sudden strong impulse such as sudden rage rather than as a premeditated crime.” But lately we’ve been toying with the idea of throwing out the term “crime of passion” altogether and just saying that someone went full O.J. The strangest thing about most of the crimes of passion on this list is how relatable some of the perpetrators are. How many times have you wanted to freak out on an ex after they left you for your skydiving instructor? Maybe that’s a bad example. Most of the criminals on this list got caught up in the moment and acted irrationally, some of them were mentally unstable, and others were just plain crazy bones.

The crimes of passion of this list are not only strange, but they’re tragic losses of life that could have prevented if everyone had taken a minute to cool out. Admittedly, some of the heinous murders collected here were committed by total monsters who seemed like they were looking for a reason to poison their entire town or have a little too much fun with a ball-peen hammer. But a lot of the folks on this list just got caught up in their emotions and handled the situation…let’s say, not well. Read up on these tragic crimes of passion and try to learn something, specifically how not to act when things don’t go your way.

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