Delivery Drivers Describe Bizarre Deliveries They've Made

Being a delivery driver has its perks: you get to spend most of your time in your car listening to your music, and you don't have management constantly breathing down your neck. It's a profession loved by teenagers and adults alike. However, after reading these stories, you may want to reconsider your career path (if you're thinking about delivering for a living).

What happens when you show up to a delivery and are received by a stark-naked woman? Do you have to go into an apartment per a customer's request, even if it smells like death? Delivery drivers took to Reddit to share some of their most bizarre stories from their tenure; we've gathered the best, and delivered them straight to your door... or computer.

  • Man orders pizza, commits suicide

    "I worked at a Pizza Hut in high school. Our delivery guy went out and was 'gone' for the next three hours. This was before cellphones and we didn't know what happened so I had to take over deliveries. He shows back up and we all ask him where he has been because we are way behind schedule. Someone had ordered a pizza to one of the dormitories [on the Air Force base] and left the door cracked open. Naturally, he pushed the door open to give what he expected to be a drunk airman his pizza.

    Instead, the airman had hung himself and was dead. That's how he wanted to be discovered. Our driver was out so long because of police reports and what not. Terrible night."

  • Driver made violently ill by customer's scent

    "The worst delivery I've ever had was about two years ago. I got to the apartment, knocked on the door, and heard a voice from inside tell me to come in. OK - no big deal. Probably has her handful with kids or something so I open the door, walk in and made the biggest mistake: I took a breath. The smell was unforgettable. It smelled like rancid, decomposing flesh that had been sitting in the sun for days while simultaneously being kept hydrated. I continued to walk with only a small falter in my step and took the pizza and pop to the lady in the chair. The closer I walked to her, the worse the smell got. After what seemed like years she finally handed me the money gave her back change (more than I should have) and walked out of the apartment. As soon as the door was closed behind me, I puked. Puked until I was dry heaving but still puking.

    Eventually I made it to my car but I could still smell it. It was on my clothes. I did the only logical thing I could think of. I stripped. Hoodie, shirt, pants, socks and shoes all tossed into my trunk. Drove back to the pizza place, got out of my car, grabbed my clothes and walked in like a boss. The other driver just staring at me in my boxers. Went to the back of the store and did laundry."

  • Woman gets pizza guy's number, texts nudes, then ghosts him

    "I delivered for a pizza place, got an order for a house further than our usual delivery radius. I pull up, knock on the door and wait... and wait and wait. Then knock again. Nothing. So I call when a women answers the phone sounding groggy as hell. 'OK sorry, I'll be right there.' She opens the door, robe completely open with a slender naked body underneath. All I could muster was, 'You look nice.' That was enough for a 'Thanks cutie.' She paid me and sent me back on my way. Minutes later, I get a text, 'What's your name?' So we begin a little text chat which after a little chatter ends up in her sending me three or four nudes (not that I didn't just see her in her open robe). A day goes by and I figured I'd send her a text. Her response was 'Sorry, who's this?' I respond with the ol' 'I delivered pizza to your house.'

    She then directs me to and tells me to set up an account and message her there. That's some good advertising tactics! I didn't sign up or text her back. I was kind of just weirded out by the whole situation. She must send a lot of full frontal nudes out via text."

  • Driver finds out kid paying for pizza has been left home alone for days

    "I delivered pizzas at a bunch of different places... You get 'regulars', like any restaurant. People who order all the time, and usually order the same thing. There was one delivery I would always make to a house, and a little girl (maybe ten) would always answer the door and pay for the pizza. That wasn't too weird - kids like to pay for pizzas a lot. The orders were sometimes early in the evening, sometimes late.

    One evening I delivered a pizza to her, and she didn't have enough money. I suggested she go get one of her parents, and she said her mom wasn't there, and her daddy 'wasn't alive anymore'. I asked when her mom might be back (thinking she ran out somewhere), and the girl said 'Thursday'.

    It was Monday.

    I said are you sure, and she said yes her mommy's boyfriend lives in [nearby town] and she leaves on Monday and comes back on Thursdays 'most of the time'. I asked about grandma, any family, friends, etc. - no, no, no, no.

    So, I sort of sat there wondering 'Well, what the f*ck do I do now?' I thought about giving her the pizza and saying, 'Here you go, bye.'

    After one of those 'Probably only ten seconds but feels like an eternity' moments I asked if I could borrow her phone (this was pre-cell phones). I called the police and sat on the steps with the little girl until the police arrived.

    She talked about her cat that ran away, and her my little ponies, and gave me a friendship bracelet. I noticed her hair and clothes were dirty. I thought about this poor girl just sitting in her house for days at a time completely alone.

    The police came, I told them my story, and they told me to leave - not sure whatever happened to her. No pizza orders from that house anymore - I would check all of the orders whenever I worked."