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Hidden deep in the Earth are some of the rarest treasures in all of science. Formed from immense pressure over millions of years, fossils tell us the story of our long-lost ancestors and the strange creatures that populated their world. Bizarre fossil discoveries are becoming more common as we develop new digging techniques and open our minds to the otherwordly phenomenon that is prehistoric life. Many of these insane fossils changed our understanding of the world forever, and we're still just beginning to understand the importance of these bony artifacts.

While dinosaurs are some of the most famous of all extinct species, not all of the strangest fossils ever discovered came from those terrible lizards. Some of the most bizarre fossils come from creatures so alien, you have to see them to believe they're real. These are the last remnants of the oldest lifeforms on the planet, preserved in time and rock for future generations to marvel at.

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Researchers Found A 100-Million-Year-Old Spider Attack Encased In Amber

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Photo: Oregon State University/flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0

Nearly 100 million years ago, spiders were just as terrifying as they are now. Need proof? How about this piece of amber that was discovered with a perfectly preserved spider inside. The spider was in the middle of murdering a juvenile wasp when both predator and prey were engulfed in tree sap. This particular species of wasp is actually one that preys on spider eggs, so the wasp might have had it coming in this situation. The fossilized amber was found in Myanmar and is the only example of a spider fossilized during a hunt.

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Peru Was Once Home To Giant Penguins

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Photo:  University of Texas at Austin

Penguins are adorable, but scale them up to human height and they become a bit less cuddly. These massive penguins, known as Inkayacu paracasensis, were about five feet tall and one of the largest species of penguin ever discovered. The find was an incredible one, and not just because of the size - along with the bones, scientists found feathers and scales that had been perfectly preserved. The feathers revealed that these massive penguins weren't just black and white, but had reddish-brown feathers that coated their bellies. The fossils recovered were roughly 36-million-years-old, so it's amazing that these colorful feathers remained intact for so long.

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A Pterodactyl-Eating Fish Died In The Middle Of Its Meal

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Photo: Eberhard Frey and Helmut Tischlinger/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY 2.5

If you can believe it, there was a time where giant fish were literally plucking winged reptiles from the sky. That's exactly what happened with this fossil, which depicts a Aspidorhynchus munching on a small pterosaur known as Rhamphorhynchus. Unfortunately for both predator and prey, neither one would escape this encounter alive. The pterosaur proved too large for the Aspidorhynchus, who may have gotten its teeth stuck in the flying reptile's leather wing. The pterosaur drowned, and the monster fish likely starved soon after.

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A Velociraptor And Its Prey Were Fossilized Mid-Combat

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Photo: Yuya Tamai/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY 2.0

Velociraptors are poorly understood outside of the paleontological community, mostly due to inaccuracies in the Jurassic Park franchise. No, velociraptors were not six-foot tall, hyper-intelligent killing machines. Actual velociraptors were about the size of a turkey and more of a scavenger than a predator. Still, that doesn't mean that some raptors weren't predatory in nature.

One fossil actually captures a raptor attack on a protoceratops, a smaller cousin of the triceratops, but the fight was much closer than you'd imagine. The raptor had pierced the protoceratops with its massive toe claw, but the protoceratops managed to bite and break the raptor's arm with its powerful beak. The two were killed together, probably due to the unexpected collapse of a sand dune.

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