Incredibly Bizarre Gifts That Are Certainly Not For Everybody

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To really make an impression on your friends during the holiday season (or any time, really), consider getting them funny weird gifts even the Grinch wouldn't think of putting in a stocking. All sorts of unusual gifts exist on the Internet that are guaranteed to make you question the nature of capitalism itself. For one reason or another, inventors set about creating weird presents that may not raise your quality of life but will definitely raise some eyebrows. Funny gag gifts, unlike the standard, more thoughtful kind, aim to be entertaining rather than useful; when it comes to bizarre gifts, it's usually the (dirty) thought that counts.

The funny unusual gifts included below only appeal to certain people, but, ironically enough, therein lies their appeal. Sometimes instead of being thoughtful, it's more important to be thought-provoking, and weird or cheap gifts ask all the right questions, like "What does this coloring book of animal farts say about our friendship?"

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