Goodwill Employees Reveal The Most Surprising Things People Have Ever Donated

Goodwill stores seem like the ideal places to deposit unwanted, perfectly functioning items. You can clear out your home and still be environmentally friendly. When Goodwill employees on Reddit share the wildest donations they received, though, something becomes clear: more than a few individuals don't know what counts as an acceptable donation.

In addition to the occasional piece of valuable treasure found in these types of stores, employees are also given a multitude of baffling items. Reddit allows these employees a forum to divulge the weirdest things they've seen, and you likely won't believe their tales.

  • Dog Poop

    From Redditor /u/Jakestair:

    Been working there since March. Someone earlier this week, an older gentleman literally donated a bag of dog sh*t he probably meant to throw away later on. I picked it out of our container, said what the f*ck is that smell, and threw it in the trash, then threw away my gloves.

  • A Kangaroo's Testicles

    From Redditor /u/chillando:

    I worked at Goodwill my junior and senior year of high school [and found] two things both related to taxidermy. Kangaroo testicles in a glass casing like a trophy and squirrel slippers.

  • An Old Fart

    From Redditor /u/onionofyourbusiness:

    A glass jar simply labeled, “Fart June, 1975.”

  • A Live Cat, Barrel Of Wine, And Bouncy Castle

    From Redditor /u/SlackerNerd:

    I've gotten lots of stuff!... lots of weed, I got a barrel of wine, used needles, once accidentally accepted a cat hiding in box of clothes. There were things like [a] 14 ft Christmas tree, Nazi lantern...

    One guy tried to give me his truck once, which apparently my store does take vehicles but those are picked up after paperwork is filled out not donated directly to the store. My lead got mad me for taking a bouncy castle once.

  • Mysterious Knitted Goods

    From Redditor /u/thepurplehedgehog:

    The mystery knitter. So every so often, at various times of various days, a bag would appear. A nondescript white bag filled with white tissue paper on top. In the bag would be beautiful knitted babywear - cardigans, hats, bootees, all different sizes and colors. All hand knitted, with the same talcum powder scent. We’d try to stake the front of shop out to find out who but we never did.

    I still go in for a chat and a rummage and the Mystery Knitter is still at it.

  • Part Of A 'DDR' Arcade Machine

    From Redditor /u/burntends97:

    This guy brought in a metal Dance Dance Revolution pad that looked like it was harvested off of an original arcade machine.