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Fantastically Bizarre Horror Films Now Streaming On Netflix

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Netflix and co. What a strange looking-glass to pass through. A warped digital portal to fears and desires; a tar pit for the stoned, visionary, and otherwise psychedelically inclined. In case you hadn't noticed, there are a few brilliantly weird movies on Netflix. There are also a lot of cryptically fabulous and surreal horror movies on Netflix. Weird horror movies; insane horror movies; masterpiece-mind-fu##k movies like David Lynch. Those kinds of cinematic extravaganzas.

Bizarre horror movies, when done right, are a thing of joy forever, but rooting through the rubble of options out there in the wide world of streaming is a major challenge. So what are some notably strange movies that can be seen on Netflix right now? From the artsy Mexican splatter-fest Here Comes the Devil to the morbidly funny Housebound, there's a good handful of surreal horror choices there for the streaming, and in many of them, blood streams in time with visual images. Whether you're looking for unique relationships between humans and corpses, as in 2014's Irish horror gem The Canal, or out for birthing-horror on par with Eraserhead, as in 2016's hyper-freaky Antibirth, read on. 

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    After one of their friends is murdered, Phil, Dom, Hutch, and Luke decide to take a hiking trip their deceased friend suggested. The four go along Kungsleden, or King's Trail, in Sarek National Park, Sweden, six months after his passing. 

    The men start on the trail, but after Dom injures his knee, they opt to cut through the forest as a shortcut. The four friends' journey gets increasingly stranger, and emotions run high as they start to blame each other for their friend's untimely death. Director David Bruckner manages to take several horror tropes - like the supernatural and the inherent creepiness of the wilderness - and turn it into a moody, atmosphere horror that leaves viewers haunted. 

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    The Wailing (2016)

    South Korea has become one of the world's great epicenters of slow-burning (and truly terrifying) arthouse horror, and 2016's The Wailing is no exception.

    Set in the mountains above Seoul, the film chronicles a plague that turns people into murderers. Actor Kwak Do-won plays Jong-goo, an investigating police officer who has unsettling dreams of a meat-devouring woman with glowing eyes, and whose daughter gets infected. What follows is a ghastly, riveting journey you won't soon forget. 

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  • For horror fans who consider aesthetic to be just as important as the jump scares, It Follows is an excellent choice. The film follows Jay, a teen who has just started dating a boy named Hugh. After the two sleep together for the first time, he tells her she is effectively cursed. A shape-shifting entity has been following him, and now he has passed it on to her. 

    For a simple premise, It Follows delivers a fresh take in an otherwise saturated horror genre. Complete with a synth-heavy soundtrack, this critical darling is sure to be a favorite to anyone who considers the '80s the golden age of horror. 

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    This Irish independent film takes a slow burn approach to its scares. To avenge the death of her young son, a woman and an occultist undertake a ritual to summon a guardian angel. Sounds justified, maybe even benevolent, on the surface.

    However, the ritual takes quite a bit of time, forcing both the mother and the occultist to consider the potential repercussions of their actions. The more it unfolds, the more they realize the dark energy they've tapped into. As all good things do, A Dark Song takes time to lead up to its "audacious ending you definitely won't see coming."

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