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14 Bizarre Facts About John Malkovich, A Brilliant And Eccentric Fellow

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Who is John Malkovich, you ask? Why, he's only one of the most famous, brilliant, and downright eccentric actors of his generation. Any John Malkovich biography will detail his time as a Hollywood A-lister: he's starred in films including In the Line of Fire, Dangerous Liaisons, and of course, Being John Malkovich. His success on the screen isn't surprising. Malkovich is a highly trained actor, and was a flagship member of Chicago's acclaimed Steppenwolf Theatre. With his severe forehead, intense gaze, and a slow voice, it's no wonder he's become one of Hollywood's go-to villains.

But facts about John Malkovich detail a strange and fascinating life off-stage and off-screen. He's notoriously private for a celebrity, but stories about him prove that he's one of the most out-there people in the world. From adopting all-Jell-O diets to saving the lives of strangers, here are some of the oddest facts about the actor.

  • He Hasn't Voted Since 1972

    The last time Malkovich voted in 1972, George McGovern lost the presidential election to Richard Nixon. Malkovich was 19 at the time.

    "Did I miss something? I don’t think so," he told The Guardian. "It kind of goes on tick-tocking from left to right, with two sides shouting and squabbling for what common good I’m not quite sure. As I’ve said before, if politics had anything to do with the solving of problems then you could count me in."

  • He Suggested That Being John Malkovich Become Being Tom Cruise

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    Malkovic suggested Spike Jonze and Charlie Kaufman write Being John Malkovich about Tom Cruise instead.

    “When they asked me to do it, I was slightly worried," he told The Independent. "Not at all about the tone or content, but the feeling of, if you do a film where your name is not above the title but in the title, then you may have some serious narcissistic tendencies which would require looking at." 

    But the filmmakers insisted, and the movie was a hit.

  • He Was Almost Green Goblin In Spider-Man

    In an alternate universe, the 2002 movie Spider-Man would have included Malkovich. He was offered the role of the Green Goblin, but he turned it down. However, Malkovich almost made it into the Spider-Man franchise anyway. Before the poorly received Spider-Man 3 scuttled plans for a fourth movie, director Sam Raimi was reportedly desperate to cast Malkovich as The Vulture.

  • He's A Big-Time Conservative

    Being publicly conservative is still seen as somewhat unusual amongst the Hollywood elite. But Malkovich leans to the right - and in 2002, he even facetiously threatened the life of a politician for speaking out against the war in Iraq. According to actor William Hootkins, "he's so right-wing, you have to wonder if he's kidding."