24 Bizarre Fan Theories From Kid's TV Shows That We Really Want To Believe

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Children's television is often easy to watch and full of catchy characters and lessons. With that said, there are more than a few fans and casual watchers that had twisty thoughts about beloved kid's cartoons. From unanswered questions to character quirks, some passionate fans managed to come up with interesting theories surrounding children's tv shows.

Check out these bizarre kid's tv show fan theories below, and don't forget to vote!

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    'Teen Titans' Takes Place In A Computer Simulation

    From Redditor u/Jbolero:

    Teen Titans takes place in a computer simulation run by Batman and the Justice League to train new heroes. The main villain of the series, Slade, doesn't have a face, perhaps because he is actually a computer program that was never programmed to have a face. There are only about ten citizens of the city, even though there seems to be a lot of empty buildings. Furthermore, the titans are only shown at a few locations that don't have anything to do with the villains; the tower, the pizza place and the park. Could it be that those places simply weren't rendered and villain's lairs are only loaded as needed?

    Finally, by my count the city is conquered three times. Once by Slade and Terra, once by Mad Mod, and once by Trigon. This series must take place in the DC universe, as evidenced by the existence of Robin. If this were a real city, why wouldn't any of the adult heroes swoop in, especially since the Titans literally stop the apocalypse? The only solution is that the city was never in danger. This, combined with the limited scope of the city, can only mean that the show takes place in a computer simulation.

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    'Sesame Street' Is A Rehab Center For Monsters

    From Redditor u/Jacob_wallace:

    The monsters of Sesame Street used to be scary monsters. The kind that hide under your bed or in your closet and stuff like that. At some point, the masquerade was broken and adults learned of monsters.

    Count, being an immortal vampire, is the oldest. He was probably a killer vampire in the past, but at some point decided to do good and is in charge of the rehabilitation effort. He certainly seems the most intelligent. He combined the humans not to kill the other monsters, and convinced the monsters to stop attacking children. So, instead of scaring children, they educate them. They are allowed freedom to roam, as long as they don't leave the observable confines of Sesame Street. Once a monster reaches a level of rehabilitation, they are deemed safe to mingle in society, which is why the Muppets aren't confined to Sesame Street.

    Some of the monsters are rehabilitated more than others. Cookie Monster used to eat children, but redirected his appetite to cookies.

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    Arnold's Grandparents Used His Bedroom To Grow Marijuana In 'Hey Arnold!'

    From Redditor u/fanartaltmanfartsalt:

    While the boarding house was originally won by Arnold's grandfather in a card game, upkeep over the years would have been somewhat expensive, especially given the running joke of it being apparently filled with strange animals literally every time the front door is opened.

    Arnold's family is poor, yet there are a few other strange things about the house:

    • grandpa has a private bathroom, which is pretty nice.
    • one of the floors has been converted entirely into a penthouse suite
    • Arnold's room has a massive skylight installed, which (according to high angle shots) seems to be very rare for the area
    • Arnold's room is extremely modernized, far above the family's supposed standard of living

    theory is a simple one. Before Arnold was born, his room was at some point converted to grow weed, hence the skylight. The money was used on upkeep/to make the additions touched on above, with a bit left over to put into savings. While it's fair to note that his grandparents never mention any of this to him, his grandfather especially is shown to frequently be pretty untrustworthy and not above some shadey doings to turn a buck.

    The attic grow room was then converted to a bedroom, with the modern additions made by using the savings stashed away during the time selling weed (for their flaws, Arnolds grands are shown to love him very much and treat him when they're able). The show starts shortly after this money has dried out, hence the inconsistencies between their poverty and some details regarding their standard of living.

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    Adventure Bay In 'Paw Patrol' Is In An Active War Zone

    From Redditor u/ackillesBAC:

    Why are there no parents?

    All able bodied non essential adults have been drafted for the war effort. Leaving a bumble headed mayor, a rhyming sea captain, a grandpa, a stoned snow boarder, and a few essential people left behind (Farmer Umey).

    Ryders parents were very wealthy technology barons

    Ryders parents left to build advanced technology for the war. Leaving Ryder with the skills, cash, and means to build advanced technology. This is how Ryder can build the pup packs, and why Ryder is always working on his quad.

    Ryders parents designed and built the pup patrol

    Being leaders in advanced tech, Ryders parents built robotic emergency services dogs to keep Adventure Bay safe, while the real emergency service members are supporting the war. This is why the pups need to be ordered to do the simplest tasks by Ryder "Marshal, use your ladder to get the cat off the roof." This also explains why the pups are the only animals that can talk.

    Many of the other animals are beta tests of the pups

    Chickoleta was the first, with very limited abilities only slightly more advanced the a biological chicken. Mayor Humdingers cats were the final prototypes. They do not yet have the ability to speak but clearly understand english, and have basic versions of the pups first abilities. RoboDog is Ryders first attempt to replicate his parents robotic success.

    Tracker, Everest, Sweetie And Arrby are post PAW patrol prototypes

    Created in an effort to eliminate the need for a human master, these 4 show the progress and mistakes in the technology.

    Arrby was the first after the PAW patrol. He was a failed experiment in AI ethics. He can operate somewhat independently, however he was designed to bond to a human leader. But they did not give the AI any means of ensuring it bonded with a moral human. He ended up bonding with a rebel militia man who lead Arrby into his pirate ways.

    Next was Sweetie, she was designed to bond with a moral human, and intentionally given by her creaters to Royalty in hopes she would learn from them. Sweetie is also quite capable of operating independent of her human masters. However her AI does not yet have the advanced moral guidelines her designers were aiming for. She realizes she is an advanced autonomous being and is striving to gain power over the human race.

    Tracker and Everest are more advanced versions, with almost perfected moral codes. However, leary of thier mistakes with Arrby and Sweetie they were both put in sparsely populated regions, to make sure they can't cause much harm to humans if their AI malfunctioned.

    Tracker is more advanced than Arrby and Sweetie, but less advanced than Everest. Carlos is there to supervise tracker, not command him like Ryder does.

    Everest is the most advanced, not requiring any supervision. That is why she was placed in a area of zero population. Anything more advanced than Everest would be put into service for the war effort.


    The merpups are not mermaid pups, they are marine soldiers. They are the final result of Ryders parents experiments. The merpups on only speak in code which Captain Turbit is the only one trained to speak.

    The PAW patrol can morph into merpups when the details are uploaded to them via the nose from the soldiers. This tells us the PAW patrol are designed with very advanced nano tech, that is capable of on the fly structural rebuilds. This also explains why Captain Turbit and Ryder are not transformed by the merpups.

    The merpups come back to check on Adventure Bay only when certain light conditions allow them to safely leave he battle zone.

    Captain Turbit is a former navy code breaker

    Captain Turbit can speak multiple languages and can pickup on new languages very quickly. He was a linguist and code breaker for the military before being honorably discharged when PTSD became evident when he spent an entire deployment only speaking in rhyme.

    Pups dreams are simulations designed to train the pups

    Rubbles many crazy dreams are actually training simulations controlled by Ryder that all the pups experience. This is a great way to train the pups without putting the technology in harms way.

    Adventure Bay is protected by some sort of perimeter

    No vehicle can enter Adventure Bay. Buses break down, trains crash, trucks break down, even air planes flown by ace pilots crash. This means that no one can enter Adventure Bay without the paw patrols assistance.

    Who are they fighting and why?

    Dont know yet.

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    Danvile Is Stuck Within A Time Loop In 'Phineas And Ferb'

    From Redditor u/ragna-rocking:

    Danvile is stuck in a groundhog day style time loop caused by a malfunctioning Doofenshmitrz inator. That's why summer never ends and the structure of each day is so similar.

    As the theme song states there are 104 days of summer vacation, but there are more than 104 episodes of this show, and each episode takes place over the course of one day, and without the characters ageing substantially meaning one summer. Characters have even explicitly referenced/implied there have been too many days to be possible, but it's always been a bit vauge/confused "It feels much longer" etc.

    Every single day follows the same pattern to a ridiculous degree, and characters pick the same phrases over and over again "He's a platypus, he doesn't do much" etc.

    The explanation: the city's caught in a time loop.

    Doofenshmirtz makes all kinds of impossible machines so it's fairly plausible he's made one which messes with time somehow. And given it's Doofenshmirtz the probability that something (probably Perry related) went wrong is pretty much 100%. That gives a decent explanation for how the whole city (whole world?) could get caught repeating the same day over and over.

    So why is every day slightly different? Doofenshmirtz shows no awareness of the loop, so maybe it's not him that recalls every day. Maybe it was a passing butterfly that got zapped, it flaps its wings differently each day and by sheer chaos theory it causes things to play out slightly differently. Phineas and Ferb decide to build a beach rather than a roller coaster. Doof decides to fake an army of aliens vs build an army of robots etc.

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    'The Powerpuff Girls' Are Super Soldier Candidates And Townsville Is Their Testing Site

    From Redditor u/SnowGryphon:

    tldr: The City of Townsville is a government-owned and -controlled installation used to indoctrinate and train the super soldier candidates known as the Powerpuff Girls.

    The City of Townsville is constantly under attack by monsters as though no other city exists to attract them, but the nearby Town of Citysville seems to be more densely populated. Despite this constancy of assault, the same citizens remain in the area.

    It appears to be constructed entirely out of prefabricated structures, because skyscrapers are hollow when torn apart, and even when completely destroyed (as in the case of the Dynamo mecha), it is very rapidly rebuilt. Useful when throwing monsters against the PPGs to train their skills.

    The Mayor is highly incompetent and does not appear to actually perform any executive duty at any time, with Ms. Bellum representing most of the legwork in the city. In fact, her name Sara Bellum references the cerebellum, the part of the brain responsible for motor control. Sara Bellum appears to be the only competent member of the entire society, suggesting that she is one of the observers of the government program.

    It is a widely-known fact that the Powerpuff Girls are the product of Chemical X. Given this, the military would long have taken control of the Chemical X supply and produced more Powerpuff Girls. THAT, or the entirety of the city is a testing site.

    The Town of Citysville is a more realistic metropolis, with damage to the city having real monetary impact and taking significantly longer to repair. The transfer of Professor Utonium to Citysville appears to have been some kind of social experiment to see how the outside world would react to the Girls. Naturally, the government negotiated with local leadership first, to treat their presence as nothing SUBSTANTIALLY out of the ordinary. The experiment failed, most likely due to the Girls' reckless use of their powers combined with the intolerance of the city populace and local government. This is why testing in Townsville continued.