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The Most Bizarre Sex Ed Videos

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The sad reality of today's world is that mainstream culture is now filled with images of physical intimacy and intercourse, allowing kids to see and learn about these mature subjects at a much younger age. We've come a long way from the dated beliefs about intercourse and the reproductive system, some of which are pretty outrageous. 

Here are the most bizarre moments in sex education videos from a time when adults had nothing better to do than carry around diagrams of the human body and invade the personal boundaries of children.

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    Some Women Still Call Menstruation the Curse

    Video: YouTube

    Skip to 00:28 for a kind moment between mother and daughter – quickly interrupted by the awkward, smirking father who almost blames the mother for his child's body rhythm.

    4:24 is where the young girl, Molly, learns how to put on a pad that is less revealing than some bikinis seen at an everyday beach. Why should you see this? The pad comes with a belt. Accessorize!

    5:39: Here we learn what can and can't be done while on your period. Any girl can dance on her period, but square dancing on her period is unheard of.

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    The Intro to Your Parents' Sex Advice Videos *Shiver*

    Video: YouTube

    This clip is terrifying for a few reasons:

    1. These are the VHS videos that we would find in our parents' cabinets while spying around looking for...who knows what. 

    2. This seems to be the intro of a video for adults who've never touched other adults.

    3. The music. This is the type of music you'd find at a planetarium where the seats move.


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    I Had A Wet Dream Last Night

    Video: YouTube

    Though it's worth watching the entire video, the strangest part occurs after the 3:45 mark as these young boys awkwardly recite dialogue that their parents probably haven't yet explained to them in real life. 

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    You're the Guy Who Said Gonorrhea Was No Worse Than A Cold

    Video: YouTube

    The video is only about 30 seconds long and features the angriest doctor anyone has ever seen taking the teaching approach of yelling at kids for contracting STDs.

    We're not even sure that the doctor provided these kids with any treatment, but we're pretty sure they all got a prescription for wise cracks.

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